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COVID-19 Home Test Kits now available Buy now

COVID-19 Swab Home Test Kit

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  • 99.9% accurate and sensitive test
  • Comes with full easy to use instructions
  • Delivers results even without symptoms
  • Tested by a Certified London laboratory
  • Genuine product
  • Order by 1 pm for same-day dispatch

This test is a PCR test for the coronavirus or Covid-19 virus. It is a 99.9% accurate and sensitive test which will detect whether there is any DNA/RNA of COVID-19 in your nose and/or throat.

Your swab test will then need to be sent off to the London-based Accredited and Certified laboratory using the prepaid envelope supplied and your results will be sent back to you.

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    Covid-19 Test

    Yes. The Covid-19 testing kit from London Medical Laboratory is now available through UK Meds. The kit contains pre-stamped envelop from where you can send your test sample to London Medical Laboratory (LML) for quick evaluation. UK Meds ships overnight most nights of the week, and once you submit your sample, London Medical Laboratory can process the sample "with results the next evening".

    SARS-CoV-2 IgG/IgM Antibody Testing is available now with same day results and very high throughput if needed.

    We are very proud to have been the first laboratory in Europe to validate and start processing the world's leading assay for IgG which is now PHE approved, CE marked, FDA EUA authorised, and being used in the millions of units by the NHS and around the rest of Europe.

    We also provide and process the Ansh Laboratory's ELISA IgG/IgM assay for anyone requiring IgM or a further confirmation of results by a different method.

    SARS-CoV-2 Swab PCR Testing is available via our laboratory with results the next evening.

    First, order order your testing kit through UK Meds. You will receive the kit and inside, you will find a swab and a pre-stamped envelope allowing you to mail the swab to LML.

    After they receive your swab, they conduct a PCR test. What is a PCR Test? It stands for "polymerase chain reaction", a method of culturing billions of your DNA sample in order to amplify the sample large enough to study it in detail. This can be done quickly, as the results of your PCR testing are typically available by the next evening, as stated on their website listed above.

    The test looks for the presence of the RNA of the virus. The swab is used in the throat and nose, and if the virus is present the test will detect its presence. It is a very accurate test and can detect whether someone who has symptoms of Covid-19 actually is infected or not. It can detect the presence of the virus up to 14 days prior to the development of symptoms.

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    You will take a swab sampling from the back of your throat and from your nose. It is a straightforward process, but care must be taken to have sanitary conditions during and handle the testing kit properly for the best chance of accuracy.

    First swab your throat and tonsils. Next, take the other swab end and insert it into one of your nostrils, approximately 2cm deep and twirl it for 3 to 5 seconds. Taking care to do this properly will help ensure accurate test results. Make certain that you read instructions properly. It may help if you perform the test in front of a mirror.

    After you have completed the instructions, next send the test kit to the laboratory using the prepaid envelope you see within the kit. The test results will be mailed back to you quickly, typically within a few days of sending your sample.

    If your result is positive, this confirms that you are actually infected with Covid-19. It means they found Covid-19 DNA/RNA on the swab you sent to the lab. You should call NHS 111 and check out their latest advice by visiting this web page: This is especially true if you feel ill or unwell. If you have a positive result, but you do not feel sick, you may be asymptomatic. It is important to continue wearing face masks, as others still may catch the virus from you. Advice on what to do if you are sick with covid-19 continually changes, so make certain you refer to the website for the latest instructions if you test positive for Covid-19.

    If you have a negative result, this confirms that the swab you sent to the lab does not contain Covid-19 RNA/DNA. While this is good news, you will still want to take precautions if you are feeling sick.

    You can safely purchase a Covid-19 testing kit from UK Meds. We are a UK government regulated online pharmacy. We ship overnight most nights of the week, and you can tell approximately when you will receive your package during the checkout process. Order your coronavirus test today from UK Meds.

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    Our Customer Service is available Monday to Friday 9am - 4pm. If you need urgent assistance, do not use this service. Call 111, or in an emergency call 999. Visit our help section