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Online Doctor UK

UK Meds are the leading online consultation providers and registered pharmacists in the country. UK Meds is owned and managed by UK Meds Direct Ltd, which is a British located and operated company. When it comes to UK online doctors, UK Meds provide a safe and discreet online doctor service, which utilises only trained and experienced doctors to prescribe and dispense your required medications.

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You can rest assured that all medications dispensed by UK Meds are of the highest quality and only provided by reputable and trusted manufacturers. Having a consultation using our service is both safe and straightforward. You will be required to have a consultation online with regards to your medical condition, after which, our fully qualified and trained doctors will review it. If your prescription is approved, your medication will be delivered directly to your door in as little as 24 hours. If you are looking for an economical online doctor in the UK, who provides an excellent five-star service with a knowledgeable, patient support team, then UK Meds are the best site for you.

Why use an online doctor UK?

We live in a world where we experience ever more hectic daily routines. This leaves us little time for ourselves and makes it difficult for getting a doctor's appointment as and when you need it. With many doctor surgeries up and down the country being full to maximum capacity, getting an appointment when you need it can be difficult at the best of times. This is where our service comes in handy. Having a consultation through our website means that you can have access to the prescription that you need when you need it. There is no need to schedule an appointment, days in advance and drag yourself off to a doctor's office when you are feeling less than your best. You can have a private consultation with a doctor from the comfort of your own home, where you will receive the same type of treatment as you would from your regular GP.

Arranging a consultation is as simple as logging into your computer or smartphone, discussing some basic medical facts, and waiting for your medication to be delivered directly to your door. It is also useful for those who do not have a GP or pharmacy located nearby. Those who live in more rural settings may find it challenging to access Health Services when they need them, so using a our service affords them the convenience of being able to receive treatment for their health conditions no matter where they may be. Regardless of the health condition that you are looking at a receiving treatment for, using a registered and qualified online UK doctor will ensure that you get the help that you need in a professional and timely manner.

What can a doctor arranged through UK Meds treat?

Many people have the misconception that a doctor found through the internet will not be able to treat all of the same medical conditions and illnesses as a standard High Street doctor can. This is not true; in fact, a UK online will be able to treat all of the same conditions and illnesses as a surgery-based GP can. Unfortunately, the internet has a bit of a reputation for being a place for selling illicit or illegal medications. The MHRA website can verify any doctor or an online pharmacy located in the United Kingdom, and they should contain the logo to inform customers that they are operating legally.

Our service can treat many different conditions, including acid reflux, allergies, acne, arthritis, altitude sickness, asthma, anti-malaria, cystitis, diabetes, erectile dysfunction, haemorrhoids, the flu, hay fever, hair loss, a migraine, insomnia, thrush, hormone replacement therapy, testosterone replacement therapy, travel sickness, weight loss and a whole lot more. Anyone who has had an appointment at their local GP surgery will be more than aware of the signs put up advising patients not to attend if they have a cold or the flu. While this is put in place to protect other patients from catching these bugs, they do not help the individual receive any therapeutic treatment that they may require. If you have got a cold or the flu, using our online doctor's service can help you get the treatment that you need to alleviate any of the symptoms associated with them.

There are many personal medical conditions which may put people off from seeing their GP in person. These conditions can range from erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, thrush, period pain, worms, hair loss, and incontinence. All of these conditions can cause embarrassment for the individual, so having a consultation can help remove the embarrassment and make accessing the treatment that they require more straightforward. There is no need to suffer in silence and allow shame to prevent you from receiving the treatment that you require. We will be able to provide you with a consultation, and if you are approved, you will be able to access your treatment a little to no time at all.

How to verify that an online doctor is legit?

As noted above, it is easy to be put off from using an online doctor service due to a few Shady outlets on the internet. In the United Kingdom, there are laws and protocols put in place to protect consumers. When it comes to medical outlets, they need to register and gain approval before being able to operate online legally. Disapproval is granted by the medicines and healthcare products regulatory agency or the MHRA. To verify the online UK doctor, you can access the MHRA website directly and check the online medicine seller registry.

Upon accessing the MHRA website and entering the URL for UK Meds, you will see that we have had approval since 2016 and are legally approved to be able to sell prescription-only medicines, Pharmacy medicines and general sales list medicines. If you would like to verify this for yourself, you can do so on the MHRA website using our registered company number, which is C46895. You can rest assured that we are fully compliant with all United Kingdom laws and are legally approved to operate as an online UK doctor.

How does an online doctor service work?

Many people think that it is a long-winded and complicated process to schedule an appointment with a registered online dr UK. The first thing that you will need to do is have an online consultation with a fully qualified and registered GP. During your consultation, you will answer an online questionnaire that will discuss your current health condition and your medical requirements before discussing the condition that you are looking at treating.

Once you have completed your consultation, your answers will then be reviewed and either approved or rejected by a GMC registered GP. If your prescription is approved then, your payment will be taken, and your prescription will be dispensed. A registered Pharmacy (GPHC) dispenses all prescriptions and then shipped by either a DPD or Royal Mail. When shipped, all orders are sent out in plain packaging and do not contain any references as to what the contents may be. This ensures of your utmost privacy at all times and allows your package to remain safe during transit.

Are our online doctors affordable?

Many of the medications provided by online UK doctors come in several variations, which include the Branded versions and the generic versions. The Branded versions are always going to be much more expensive as they have a loyal following. The generic versions are medically identical and contain exactly the same ingredients. The only difference between branded and generic medications is that branded medications are manufactured by a sole manufacturer, where at generic medications are produced by several manufacturers which keeps competition fierce. This competition between the manufacturers keeps the production costs low, which ultimately means that the patient can purchase the treatment at a fraction of the cost of the Branded version.

Typically, many of the medication sold in the UK are competitively priced and are seen as extremely economical. Not only are they well-priced, but they come with the convenience of being able to access your medication via an online consultation, which if successful, will see your medication delivered to you directly to your home. This convenience and itself is well worth using an online UK doctor. While it may be possible to find medications at a lower price online from other countries, you should bear in mind that importing certain medications from outside the United Kingdom without a valid GP prescription could end up with you breaking the law and facing criminal punishment. Not only do you risk arrest by importing medications into the United Kingdom from overseas, but you are also placing your health at risk as you do not know what is actually in the medication.

Are UK online doctor medications safe?

If you are wondering as to whether the medicine prescribed will be safe or not, the long and short of the answer is that it will be. As all doctors and pharmacists need to register with the MHRA before being able to legally prescribed medication online, you can rest assured that the medication you receive will be 100% genuine and safe for consumption. This is why it is important to always use a doctor who is registered with the MHRA.

Purchasing medication online from any other outlet that does not have approval from the MHRA could lead you to buy fake or counterfeit drugs which could ultimately cause damage to your health. All of the medications dispensed from a UK online doctor will come from a registered Pharmacy in the country, which could be your local pharmacy. When it comes to taking care of your health and well-being, it is always best to use only register companies that can be verified by government organisations as the process of gaining approval requires the medical outlet to verify all qualifications and operations before being given the green light to operate online.

Do UK Meds use qualified GPs?

Absolutely! UK Meds is a UK company that has been approved for selling medications online. To be able to sell medications online or provide consultation or prescription services, any individual or company doing so via an online website needs to be fully registered with the MHRA. They also need to display the EU logo on all web pages. When it comes to consultations and prescriptions from our doctors, everything is performed by fully licensed GMC and EU-registered practitioners. While there may be companies on the internet that use fake doctors and forged qualifications, these are now a few and far between due to regulatory practices and a toughening of the law. Every aspect of UK Meds adheres to the strict guidelines as set out by the MHRA, so you can use our services with the peace of mind that it is completely legal and all of our online UK doctors are fully qualified and registered practitioners.

Can I get a prescription from a general practitioner online?

It is not necessary for the patient to have a prescription to be able to have a consultation and access the medication that they need. All physicians are in a position to be able to issue a prescription for the required medication. Of course, before issuing a prescription, a GMC registered doctor will first check your online consultation to ensure that you are suitable. It would be irresponsible just to approve all consultations as this could lead to abuse of the system. As soon as your prescription is given, and it will be sent to the pharmacy where it will then be processed.

If you already have a prescription, unfortunately, it will not be accepted. To be able to access the medication that you require, you will first need to undertake a screening process during the consultation. This is to make sure that the medication prescribed is being used for the true purposes and prescribed to the correct individual. As it is possible for an existing or personal prescription to be forged, these will not be accepted online. When having your physician, you will be required to check a box that will confirm that payment will be made should the prescription be approved.

In the majority of cases, the prescription is approved without any issue. However, there will be times when a prescription cannot be approved and will result in a decline. If you are refused a prescription, then any payment that you have made will be cancelled. This means that you only pay for the medication that you receive and will not be left short should your order not be approved. While this can be frustrating for the patient, it is important to remember that an online UK doctor is the same as a surgery base GP and the same code of conduct will be used in all instances. Sometimes it is easy to assume that just because the consultation is faceless, it will be a breeze to access the medication that you want. However, there is a big difference between want and need, and your online GP UK must first ensure that the medication you are seeking is suitable and safe for your use.

Will my online doctor UK communicate with my GP?

If you are wondering as to whether the general practitioner who performs your consultation will directly communicate with your surgery based GP; then the long and short of the answer is no. However, you are given the option to provide your doctor's information and inform your GP of any medications that you may be using. It is always recommended to keep your GP up to date to ensure that all treatments that you receive will be beneficial. As with all health outlets, it is entirely the patient's decision as to whether their GP is notified of any services that they avail. This means that you can rest assured that your privacy will be respected at all times and only the information that you give consent to will be shared.

Your privacy is our priority, and your information will never be shared or sold on to any third party companies without your consent. We understand that your health is important and personal to you. Therefore, the information that you share online will be treated with the same confidentiality as it would be by any in-house NHS GP or doctor. When using an online doctor service, your privacy and discretion will always be respected.

Why choose UK Meds online UK doctor?

As you can see from all of the information listed above, we provide a clear-cut, fully registered and honest service for UK patients up and down the country. We are leaders in the marketplace and every aspect of our company is run to the highest standards possible. From our doctors to our pharmacists, you can rest assured that everything is fully licensed and registered and you will receive the same treatment and care as you would from a surgery-based GP. The only difference between using an online doctor and a surgery-based GP is the convenience that this process affords you. There is no need to phone to book an appointment, there is no requirement to share your health concerns with a receptionist, there is no sitting and waiting around in a waiting room surrounded by sick people, there is no rushing with a 10-minute appointment slot, there is no embarrassment when discussing personal health conditions, and there is no need to go from the GP surgery to the pharmacy to collect your prescription.

Absolutely everything about an online UK doctor makes the entire process a quick and efficient one. You can log into the system and perform your consultation with your general practitioner; if your order is approved, then your prescription will be sent to a pharmacy which will then prepare and ship your order direct to your home. If you feel like you don't want to get out of bed and just want to rest up during periods of sickness or illness, then an online UK doctor makes it possible to have a consultation and received the medication that you require from the comfort of your bed. Over the past few years, there have been huge steps taken in the regulating off the online pharmaceutical business, which means that every aspect of obtaining a legally prescribed medication online has become safer and easier.

The next time that you want to obtain your prescription medications safely and legally, you should use an online UK doctor at UK Meds to do so. The entire process from start to finish can be completed in as little as 20 minutes, and you can have your prescription authorised in no time at all. You are not only able to save time and money but continue with your everyday routines without the disruptions of having to visit a surgery-based GP. An online doctor in the UK can provide you with the same surface as an NHS GP, which means that you are guaranteed of a high standard of service and care at all times. UK Meds are leading the way when it comes to the 5 Star standard of online doctors and should be your first choice whenever you need to get a prescription or have a consultation with a doctor online.

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