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An anti-viral medication known as Tamiflu is often utilized to treat and even prevent a person from getting the flu. It is the only licensed medicine in the market today that has been clinically proven to lessen the length of a flu outbreak.

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How Efficient is Tamiflu

Clinical studies has already proven that Tamiflu is highly effective in reducing the the length of a flu outbreak. These studies show that those who took this particular medication were cured faster by 30% than those who did not take it. For one to experience the full and maximum effect, it is crucial to take this medication as soon as one experiences flu-like symptoms.

How Tamiflu Works?

Tamiflu is part of a group of medication called neuraminidase inhibitors. This particular medication works by blocking the effects of neuraminidase, a chemical created by the influenza virus. The flu virus is able to make a person sick when it successfully spreads neuraminidase in the airways. By taking this medication, it blocks the effects of this chemical, thus lessening the spreading of the influenza virus, eventually enabling the immune system of the body to fight and beat the infection.

When to Take Tamiflu

This antiviral medication can be taken within 48 hours after the flu symptoms have appeared and can also be used to treat a present flu. It can also be utilized as a preventive measure, particularly if the individual has been exposed to someone affected by the influenza virus and can be taken up to six weeks as a precautionary measure.

Dosage of Tamiflu

As a treatment for a current flu infection, it is suggested to take one tablet of 75mg dosage strength Tamiflu twice daily and this should be done for 5 consecutive days for both adults and adolescents. As a prevention method, one can take one tablet with a dosage strength of 75mg daily for 10 consecutive days. This can be done by those who had come into contact with someone with the flu and would like to prevent themselves from getting infected. As a seasonal protection, a single dosage of 75mg a day for up to 6 weeks can be followed.