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Premarin is a powerful treatment for hormone replacement therapy. The main objective of the medication is to reduce all symptoms that come with menopause.

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How to buy Premarin online?

For your convenience, Premarin tablets are available online through You just have to undergo the online consultation service with an accredited doctor. The physician will see if you can safely take the medication or not. Once he sees you fit, you now can order your Premarin medication by filling out the online form. Your package will be delivered on the very next working day.

What is Premarin?

The medication is taken by women during the menopausal stage to help reduce the inconvenience brought about by its symptoms. Aside from that, it also helps prevent osteoporosis from developing. The condition often begins after menopause. For those who have not had a hysterectomy, they can take the medication alongside a prescribed amount progestogen for better health of the uterus.

How does Premarin work?

The medication is a conjugated treatment for hormone replacement. This means that there a number of different estrogens in the tablets taken from organic sources. Estrogen develops in the female body in an organic manner and controls a lot of the systems. This is the reason why the symptoms of menopause can be very uncomfortable. Some of these symptoms include incontinence, deterioration of bone, lower libido levels, dryness in the vagina area, sweating at night and hot flushes.

How to take Premarin?

Consumption of Premarin depends on the patient and the prescription given by the doctor. Usually a low start-up dose is prescribed. The pills are taken for 28 days. You should proceed to the next blister pack without any breaks. This covers the whole menstrual period.

The dose that you consume will all depend on your tolerance level. It will also depend on how much you need to reduce the symptoms of menopause. Usually, your doctor will prescribe a lower dose at the start of the treatment. If there is any need to progress to a higher dose, your physician will advice you about it. The progression will only be made if there are no extreme side effects manifesting in you.

For women who have not gone through hysterectomy, you have to take the medication with a progestogen supplement. Taking both means you have to be guided by your doctor.


The treatment comes in 3 dosages. 300 mcg, 625 mcg and 1.25 mg. These have been measured for maximum efficiency while at the same time reducing the effects of possible side effects. It also comes in cream form for vaginal symptoms treatment.

Side effects and precautions

The common side effects include vaginal bleeding, pain in the joints, muscle or back pain, anxiety, nausea, abdominal cramps and headaches. Rare side effects include light spotting and reduced libido. Usually these symptoms just go away naturally. However, if symptoms persist, please advice your doctor.