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Solpadol is a branded version of co-codamol consisting of paracetamol 500mg and codeine 30mg. It belongs to a group of medicines called analgesics, also known as painkillers, used in the relief of moderate pain.

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Pain Relief

UK Meds asked our favorite doctor, Dr. Christian Jessen, to explain Pain. Below is what he has to say.

We've all experienced pain, headaches, sore muscles, arthritis and injuries. Pain can reach from mild to unbearable, but can nearly always be addressed by the right medications.

Sometimes, over the counter medicines such as paracetemol or ibuprofen can be enough, but if you have tried these and they haven't helped, a doctor may be able to prescribe you something more effective.

Remember, stronger pain medications can have potential drawbacks. Opioids can be highly addictive and should only be used under a doctor's supervision.

Discontinuing these medications suddenly after prolonged use can cause withdrawal symptoms so you should never do this without professional advice.

If you need a stronger pain medication, such as dihydrocodeine, codeine or co codamol, the online doctor's service at UK Meds may be able to help you.

- Dr. Christian Jessen

The video and article above is for information purposes only. They are not intended to diagnose a condition or prescribe a medicine. If you have any specific concerns about your health, please consult your GP or use our online doctor's service. You can follow Dr. Christian Jessen online on his Twitter account.

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What is Solpadol? It is a combination of 2 different medicines, codeine phosphate and paracetamol (this combination is also known as co-codamol). These medicines work together to help provide relief for severe pain. Another branded version of co-codamol is Zapain.

  • Solpadol Tablets

    The method of delivery of this medicine is pills, or tablets, consisting of 30/500 (ratio of codeine phosphate hemihydrate to paracetamol). Solpadol is available at a strength of 30/500. This constitutes Codeine Phosphate Hemihydrate at 30 mg, and Paracetamol at 500 mg. You can buy it in quantities of 100 or 200 tablets through our online doctor's service.

  • Buy Solpadol

    This is a prescription medication as it contains codeine phosphate, which is an opiate. As opiates are addictive, you will need to be prescribed this medicine by a doctor. If you already have a prescription, we can fulfil it online. If you do not, our online doctors service can help you obtain one.

  • Solpadol Online

    Order this pain medication online from the comfort of your home through UK Meds. We ship this medicine in quantities of 100 or 200 capsules to the entire UK. This medication is the branded version of Co Codamol.

  • Solpadol UK (30/500)

    Because it contains an opiod, you can only purchase Co Codamol in the UK if you have a prescription. If you have one, we can ship these pills to you immediately. If not, our doctors service can prescribe one for you.

Prescription of Solpadol is needed to treat pains of severe stature. Pains from migraine, muscular pain, bone and joints, injury to muscle and bones, surgical procedures, and a lot more are treated with Solpadol. Prescription of this medicine becomes a necessity if all other painkillers fail to eradicate or control the pain.

Solpadol Dose

It is advised that a patient takes Solpadol on a full stomach. It is the kind of tablet that you submerge in 120 ml of water. Once the tablet is dissolved, the patient must drink it immediately. The time in between dose is four hours. Solpadol must be taken on a single dose strictly. Even if the patient misses out on a dose, the next dose should still be a single dose. If the patient forgets to take the medication on time, he can take it immediately and adjust the time of the succeeding takes.


Solpadol 30/500 means that it has 30mg of codeine and 500mg of paracetamol. The dissolvable tablets come in packets of 32 pieces, 100 pieces, and 232 pieces. Patients can also purchase the medication in 100 pieces’ packets of regular tablets.

Adults take a maximum of eight tablets per day, two tablets per taking. But the best thing for patients to do is to follow the strict advice of their doctors on how much to take.  When it comes to children, only those aged between 12 and 18 are allowed to take it. The dosage listed here is too much for them. Only their pediatricians will know how much dose should children take.

Taking the prescribed dosage of Solpadol should not exceed three days’ total. If after three days the pain still exists, it is important that the patient seek the advice of his doctor. The medication is purely taken orally.

If pregnant women are in pain, they need to seek advice from the doctor if they can take it. It is not advisable to take alcohol while on this medication. Driving and taking Solpadol is not advised as the medication might make the person dizzy or sleepy.

Taking Solpadol more than the prescribed amount might lead the person to getting addicted to codeine. Codeine is an addictive drug that should be used in controlled substances. It is the main reason why Solpadol should be taken only with a doctor’s prescription.

The common side effects include:

  • Constipation
  • Sleepiness
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Difficulty in urinating
  • Bruising
  • Reddening of the skin
  • Rash

Severe side effects include:

  • Asthma
  • Bulging of feet
  • Bulging of hands
  • Bulging of lips
  • Bulging of throat
  • Bulging of face
  • Addiction to codeine