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Sylk Intimate 40g


Introducing the 3M Steri-Strip 3mm x 7.5mm 12 Pack! These adhesive strips are designed to securely close small wounds, cuts, and incisions, promoting faster healing. With their gentle yet strong hold, they provide reliable wound support. Ideal for use in hospitals, clinics, or at home, these Steri-Strips are a must-have for every first aid kit. Trust 3M for high-quality medical supplies that deliver exceptional results. Order your 12-pack today for peace of mind and effective wound care.

  • Effective wound closure
  • Minimizes scarring
  • Promotes faster healing
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Provides longlasting support
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The 3M Steri-Strip 3mm x 7.5mm 12 Pack is a medical product commonly used for wound closure. These Steri-Strips are adhesive skin closures that provide a secure and non-invasive way to close small cuts and incisions without the need for stitches or staples. Each pack contains 12 individual strips.

These Steri-Strips work by holding the edges of a wound together, promoting faster healing. The adhesive strips are placed across the wound, effectively acting as temporary sutures. They provide tension to pull the edges of the skin together, allowing the wound to close naturally. This not only helps reduce scarring but also minimizes the risk of infection. The strips are breathable, flexible, and comfortably adhere to the skin.

The 3M Steri-Strip 3mm x 7.5mm 12 Pack is suitable for use on small, non-infected wounds that have clean, straight edges. It is commonly used in situations where stitches or staples may not be necessary, such as for minor cuts, surgical incisions, and wounds that are not under high tension or stress. However, it is always recommended to consult a healthcare professional for proper wound assessment and guidance.

Applying the Steri-Strips is a straightforward process. First, ensure that the wound is clean and dry. Gently pull the skin edges together, aligning them as closely as possible. Then, peel the backing off the Steri-Strip and carefully place it across the wound, making sure it extends beyond the edges for better adhesion. Press the strip firmly onto the skin to ensure a secure grip. If needed, additional strips can be applied parallel to the first strip, with a slight overlap. Avoid pulling the strips too tightly, as this may hinder blood flow or cause discomfort.

The 3M Steri-Strip 3mm x 7.5mm 12 Pack is available for purchase online at UK Meds. You can conveniently order it from their website and have it delivered to your desired location. UK Meds offers a wide range of medical products and provides reliable and secure delivery services.

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