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Once, only one pharmaceutical had the patent rights to Sildenafil, the generic name of Viagra. However, in 2013 the European patent of Viagra expired. This made this wonderful blue diamond pill that seeks to treat erectile dysfunction even more accessible, as by that time of course, more pharmaceutical companies can then produce this sex drug. In the UK, the price for four Viagra pills went from £21 down to £1.45. The cheaper and more affordable drug gave 1.5 million men greater access to the pill and a much needed boost.

Erectile dysfunction is a common and distressing condition, especially to men of a certain age. That is why, men sing praises to Viagra. Even celebrities laud this sex drug that is manufactured by Pfizer. Some of these celebs include actor Michael Douglas, and Playboy’s Hugh Hefner. Now, that this drug, which eliminates the PDE in the penis so that the cGMP builds up instead of getting decomposed by the PDE, is much cheaper it is now more widely available on the market. In 2014, prescriptions for Viagra or its generic name sildenafil increased. Specifically, 1.7m prescriptions were handed out on that year. This is an increase when compared to 2013’s 1.4m and 2004’s 1m prescription of the same medication.

Since the patent of Viagra has expired, that means that more pharmaceutical companies can create the same drug but of course an unbranded and cheaper version of the drug. Some of this includes Actavis and Teva. Also, Viagra is available in the net in some online drugstores.

Co-codamol UK - How to Order Online

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Used to relieve mild to moderate pain, and to reduce fever, this medicine is also useful for relief of headaches, migraines, toothaches and back pains. Over-the-counter prescriptions are not considered to be addictive, however, caution must be used when consuming larger doses that require a prescription.

Regarding addiction, co codamol is considered to be the safest of opiod pain killers. Women are slightly more apt to becoming addicted. Here is an example account of one person who found themselves addicted.

Studies consistently show that more women than men are addicted to opioids. They are also the ones more likely to seek help for it - the Over-Count Drugs Information Agency, a charity which deals with addiction to over-the-counter and prescription drugs, reports that 65 per cent of inquiries to their helpline are from women.

Dihydrocodeine UK - How to Order Online

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Prescribed for pain, dihydrocodeine is a painkiller prescribed for moderate to severe pain. It works by binding to something called opioid receptors in a person's brain and spinal cord. It mimics natural pain killers produced by your body, such as endorphin.

This medicine has been found to be a cheaper and safer alternative to methadone in the treatment of heroin addiction. A study compared the two in the treatment of addiction to heroin.

About 20,000 people in Scotland are on methadone programmes. The study said it was estimated that whereas methadone treatment can cost almost £1,500 annually per patient, the cost of dihydrocodeine is just £713.

Modafinil UK - How to Order Online

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If you need to stay awake, a good medicine to consider is Modafinil. It promotes wakefulness and is intended to treat excessive sleepiness. Another name for this drug is Provigil, and it is typically prescribed by a doctor to treat narcolepsy, or a disorder known as "shift work sleep". It's thought to work by altering chemicals in your brain, stimulating neurotransmitters.

Its also known as the "smart drug", and can increase alertness and help people do better with tests.This can be because it promotes higher brain functions that rely on multiple cognitive processes. People are debating whether these pills give students an unfair advantage.

"In the face of vanishingly few side effects in these controlled environments, modafinil can be considered a cognitive enhancer," said Anna-Katharine Brem, another co-author of the study and a postdoctoral researcher at Oxford.

Cialis UK - How to Order Online

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Erectile dysfunction is a serious problem for many men in the UK. Fortunately, there are a number of ED medicines which are good at alleviating the problem of maintaining an erection. One of the bigger breakthroughs in modern medicine for men's health is the drug called Cialis. It works by relaxing the muscles in the penis, thereby allowing a large amount of blood to flow through and cause a lasting erection.

A recent impotency study has revealed that not only does this drug assist you in attaining an erection, it also may encourage ejaculation and orgasm, the study revealed.

As reported in the February issue of the British Journal of Urology International, Paduch and his colleagues found that about 70 percent of the men who used Cialis (tadalafil) for sexual activity were able to ejaculate most of the time and to reach orgasm, compared with 30 percent of men who did not take the drug.

Help Yourself to Stop Smoking

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Smoking has been a practice for a very long time. It is the process of burning a particular substance and breathing in the smoke that resulted from the burning process. The substance is then absorbed by the body. The most common substance used for smoking are the leaves of tobacco plant that are rolled using a rice paper. This piece of paper with tobacco leaves inside is what we all know as cigarettes. Through the process of burning the tobacco, the active ingredients from the leaves are then combusted and absorbed by the body. The history of smoking can be dated back up to 5000 BC during rituals. From then until now, smoking and cigarettes have been a part of human culture.

Everything You Should Know About Sexual Health

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Sex is somehow still a taboo topic for most people. When it comes to sexual health, most people tend to shy away from consulting doctors and experts regarding their problems. Because of this, there is still a major concern when it comes sexually transmitted diseases or STD. Sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that you acquire through sexual intercourse with someone who has the disease. Most of the sexually transmitted diseases are due to viruses and parasites. All in all there are more than 20 kinds of STDs. Among these are the most common ones including chlamydia, gonorrhea and genital herpes.

Know More About Premature Ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation is the condition when a man ejaculates sooner than expected. It happens to a lot of men especially during intercourse. It is a common problem between couples. According to statistics, 1 out 3 guys have encountered this kind of problem. If you have experienced it once or a couple of times, it should not be a cause of alarm. But once you notice that this happens more frequently or it meets any of the following criteria then you should go to your doctor for a checkup:

All about Weight Loss

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Weight loss has been a struggle for a lot of people. Sometimes, even though you know the basics on how to lose weight there are other factors that make it more difficult to succeed. One of these factors is our hormones. Overweight people usually have hormonal problems that makes it more difficult for them to lose weight. Because of these conditions, the effort that needs to be done to succeed is more than the average person. This is where the problem begins. The tendency of people is that when you see that both of you give the same effort but only the other loses weight, it can bring your morale down. Because of this, some people lose hope and just give up on their weight loss journey.

How to Deal with Traveller’s Diarrhea

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With the new age of technology and social media, traveling has also become the new trend among people of all walks of life. Whether you are a teenager, a student, an office worker or even approaching your senior years, the social media has truly lured you into trying the life of being a traveler. Nowadays everyone wants to travel. It is as if everyone has been bitten by the travel bug. But then before you immediately pack your bags to an unknown place, make sure you are informed about the possible diseases you can acquire while travelling. Among these diseases is probably the most common kind of disease for travelers called traveler’s diarrhea.