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Women’s Health

Our specialist women’s clinic at UK Meds has a vast range of treatments available for everything related to menstruation, contraception and vaginal health. Whatever your preference, we stock various contraceptive pills, Hormone Replacement Therapy’s (HRT), morning after pills, and treatments for thrush and other infections.

Our online doctor service is confidential and trust-worthy, ensuring that you can order everything that you need safely and discreetly.

Contraceptive Pill
Commonly referred to as ‘The Pill’, women’s oral contraceptive tablets are effective at preventing pregnancy when taken once a day.
Morning After Pill
The morning after pill is an emergency contraceptive, taken after unprotected sex to prevent unwanted pregnancies.
Alternative Contraceptives
If taking the hormonal pill every day doesn’t suit you then one of our alternative contraceptive methods may be a better option.
Period Delay
You can successfully delay the beginning of your period to better fit with your lifestyle and to avoid your period causing you any inconvenience.
Cystitis is a common form of UTI that usually affects women. Being sexually active can increase your risk, and it can cause pain and discomfort.
Thrush is a common yeast infection that affects both men and women. In women, the infection can cause discomfort of the vulva and vaginal discharge.
Bacterial Vaginosis
Bacterial vaginosis (also known as BV) is the most common kind of bacterial vaginal infection in the UK and produces symptoms such as vaginal discharge.
Period Pain
As part of a woman’s menstrual cycle, she can often experience a number of premenstrual symptoms, such as abdominal pain.
Hormone Replacement Therapy
Hormone replacement therapy (HRT) is used to replenish a woman’s hormones that begin to drop as she approaches the menopause.
Vaginal Dryness
Vaginal dryness is a common issue that affects many women and is commonly caused by certain medications, menopause or breastfeeding.
Hirsutism (Hair Removal)
Excessive growth of female hair (medically known as facial hirsutism) can cause psychological effects such as self-consciousness and stress.
Feminine Hygiene
While the vagina is self-cleaning, a lot of women can become conscious of their scent and turn to feminine hygiene products to keep them feeling their best.
PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) is a condition that affects women and their hormone levels, causing them to produce more male hormones than normal.

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