Babystart Fertilsafe Plus - 75ml


Babystart Fertilsafe Plus Lubricant is a sperm friendly lubricant, which is safe for all couples trying to conceive. Unlike many lubricants, it is free from parabens and glycol meaning it will not harm any sperm. Increasing pleasure and comfort, it mimics a woman's natural lubrication.

  • Mimics natural lubrication
  • Free from parabens and glycol
  • Discreet packaging
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5.0 out of 5 stars
Compared to a lot of fertility lubes we’ve used this is by far the best! It doesn’t dry out quickly and is super silky.
5.0 out of 5 stars
I’m delighted to report that on the first cycle we tried FertilSafe PLUS , we conceived. We had been trying for 9 months, I was tracking my cycles, and using ovulation predictor kits, and we timed sex around ovulation to give us the best possible chance. For the month that we conceived, we also added in FertilSafe PLUS lubricant. I would thoroughly recommend FertilSafe PLUS to anyone trying to conceive; it is easy to use, feels natural, and ultimately helped us to get pregnant.
5.0 out of 5 stars
Took a punt on this as we have used the leading sperm friendly lubricants (Pre-Seed and Conceive Plus) for a number of years and thought we may as well try something different. We both agree that FertilSafe feels the closest to natural lubrication, without becoming sticky or drying up. It allows for easy gliding, and is long-lasting. It's also much more sensibly priced than the leading brands, which are just profiteering from people's misery.

This lubricant has been formulated for couples who are actively trying to conceive. It has been shown to not harm any sperm or stop sperm moving following application. It has been clinically tested by a leading andrology clinic and is pH balanced to ensure sperm safety.

Babystart Fertilsafe Plus Lubricant is feritility friendly and free from parabens and glycol. For the female user, the lubricant mimics her natural lubrication allowing the sperm to travel to the egg. For the male user, the pH balance ensures his sperm is kept healthy. Proven to increase pleasure and comfort whilst partaking in an increased amount of intercourse whilst trying to conceive, the packaging is also very discreet with an easy to use internal applicator.

Althought not designed to actively kill sperm, many widely used lubricants are not sperm friendly. Although not spermicides, studies have shown that some lubes may significantly lower the sperm's ability to swim. Many couples who are trying to conceive do turn to lubricants as the increased frequency in intercourse, can cause vaginal dryness in the female partner. If you are in a couple who are trying to conceive, it's vital that you choose a lubricant which will ensure all the sperm are kept healthy and have a fighting chance. Through studies, water-based lubricants appear to have the greatest detrimental effect on sperm motility and vitality - immobilizing sperm after just five minutes and killing a significant percentage of sperm within an hour.

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