High Cholesterol Treatments

Cholesterol is a fatty substance that can build up in the walls of your arteries and restrict your blood circulation. Having high levels of cholesterol rarely causes any immediate symptoms, but can increase your risk of serious health conditions further down the line, if left untreated.

As well as lifestyle changes, there are plenty of prescription medicines available to treat high cholesterol, which you can order from UK Meds using our fast and trustworthy service.

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Cholesterol is a fatty substance, taken from the food we eat and produced by the liver. Cholesterol in itself is necessary, as it makes up the cell membranes, helps with hormone production and aids in digestion. But while we all need cholesterol, it’s important to have more of the good kind and less of the bad kind.

Cholesterol can be split into two different categories; high-density lipoprotein (HDL) and low-density lipoprotein (LDL); otherwise known as good and bad. HDL cholesterol is good because the particles work to transport the cholesterol away from the body (through re-utilising in the liver or through excretion), thus strengthening heart health. LDL cholesterol is considered bad because the particles are tasked with carrying cholesterol and other substances to various cells around the body. The more things it needs to transport, the more particles are required and this can lead to a build-up in the bloodstream. It’s high levels of LDL in the bloodstream that lead to a diagnosis of high cholesterol.

Having a high level of ‘bad’ cholesterol in the blood won’t produce any symptoms on its own, however it can cause further health problems later on, including heart attack, angina, blood clots and stroke. The optimal levels of LDL would be less than 5mmol/l, and anything above this is considered high. However, if your levels are reaching 7.8mmol/l or higher, then your cholesterol is extremely high and you could be putting your health at risk.

High cholesterol is largely linked to your weight, diet and exercise. So if you are overweight or obese then your cholesterol is likely to be higher and foods that are high in saturated fat will also raise your LDL levels. This includes red meat, sausages, cheese, cream, butter, pastry, cakes, and biscuits. Smoking is another factor that can affect your cholesterol but by reducing the function of your HDL (good) cholesterol, instead of increasing the bad kind.

Another thing that can have an effect on the levels of good and bad cholesterol is the female sex hormone oestrogen, which can protect against LDL and raise levels of HDL. It’s because of this that high cholesterol tends to be more prevalent in men, and least common in young women. As women’s oestrogen production slows and ultimately stops though, they can notice a spike in cholesterol.

High Cholesterol Medication

Prevention is, of course, better than cure so it’s important to maintain a healthy diet and lifestyle to help ward off high cholesterol. While avoiding the aforementioned foods that are high in saturated fat, you should also eat oats, vegetables, beans, citrus fruits, soya, and nuts (unsalted) to help actively reduce high cholesterol. It’s also important to follow a healthy lifestyle, which means no smoking and exercising regularly.

Because cholesterol tests aren’t a routine check, you should ensure you see a doctor if your lifestyle is likely to put you at risk of high cholesterol. If you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol by a doctor, then we have treatment options available at UK Meds that can actively lower your cholesterol and reduce your risk of developing further health complications.


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