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Coronavirus Vaccine & Immune Response - "Quantitative" Antibody Blood Test

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As soon as your sample is tested, we will email you a certificate with your results. Your sample will be analysed for the actual level of IgG antibodies in your body (between levels of 0 - 80,000 AU/ml). If you receive a positive result, this is because the test detected an AU/ml level of above 50 units, which can be taken to confirm that you have been either been exposed to coronavirus or that your body has produced an immune response to your vaccination. 

Your results will be ready within 1-2 days after your sample has arrived at our laboratory.

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    Did your vaccine work? Are you immune to Covid-19? Check the level of your immune system's response to vaccination or past infection.

    One in 100 people do not produce antibodies against their vaccine and not developing antibodies against the virus has been linked to increased hospitalisation and serious illness. Recent research has shown that the early immune response in people who have been vaccinated for COVID-19 can predict the level of protection they will have to the virus over time and potentially your body's efficacy to combat viral variants such as the delta variant currently responsible for majority of new Covid-19 cases in the UK. Some scientists have suggested that a test for antibody status may now become the norm when people are admitted to hospital with severe Covid-19.

    This new test (January 2021) “was designed to aid in evaluating the immune status of individuals with a quantitative measurement of IgG antibodies against the spike receptor binding domain (RBD) of SARS-CoV-2.”

    The home test uses a finger-prick blood sample you can take yourself in the comfort of your own home. Or you can choose to have a blood sample taken in-store.

    Whether you have been recently vaccinated or caught Covid-19 naturally, this IgG test will confirm whether your immune system has developed neutralising IgG antibodies and give you a quantitative measure of your body's response (between levels of 0 - 80,000 AU/ml).

    It will help you to know how your immune system has responded to vaccination or an infection to confirm whether the illness you had was Covid-19 or something else.

    IgG levels often reduce quite quickly in the months after an infection and this test will enable you to monitor your IgG levels over time to see if your levels are dropping to below the levels that may be assumed to give immunity.

    Test includes:

    • An introduction letter with instructions
    • A blood collection tube
    • Multiple lancets
    • A test request form
    • A blood tube holder
    • A biohazard plastic bag
    • A prepaid tracked return envelope

    If I test positive, how long will the IgG levels last?

    It is not yet known how long antibodies last, as research into this is ongoing. There is evidence that people's immune response to infection drops off significantly over 6-9 months. It is as yet unknown how long your IgG levels remain high after vaccination. This test will be a very valuable tool in helping scientists to monitor this.

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