CoviPure™ - Surface Disinfectant


While many widely used products take over 5 minutes to be effective, CoviPure™ kills Coronavirus in just 30 seconds. This unique, purpose designed biocidal disinfectant product does not contain any harsh chemicals and is 2.5 times more effective than bleach. It is tested to a medical level, is effective against all viruses and bacteria and is more gentle than hand soap. This is a must for any home, workplace, or public space.

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  • Kills Coronavirus in 30 seconds
  • Effective against all known envelope viruses and bacteria
  • Non-harmful
  • Use in confidence with A PH level more gentle than hand soap
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The Coronavirus pandemic for many, feels never-ending. From April 2020, the world learnt that virus could survive on surfaces for up to 3 days, with some sources claiming it could be even longer than this. With masks now commonplace, the concern of the virus continuing to spread through public areas such as transport, petrol stations and supermarkets means that effective sanitising products have never been so necessary.

CoviPure™ is a revolutionary disinfectant which is faster and safer than traditional cleaning products. It was designed for one purpose, to kill viruses, including Coronavirus – fast. From the minds of global virus and bacteria eradication specialists, CoviPure™ use unique biotechnology to create lifechanging results.

In just 30 seconds, CoviPure™ oxidises all traces of Coronavirus on any equipment, and furniture. Containing no harmful or harsh chemicals unlike many currently available disinfectants and bleach products, it is 11 times more effective than widely available Chlorine alone and 2.5 times more effective than bleach. This powerful disinfectant is faster than any other cleaning product, making it useable in a real world scenario, when many widely used products take over 5 minutes to be effective, which simply isn’t practical in most fast passed customer serving businesses.

Using CoviPure™ is essential for any businesses remaining open during the pandemic, and for the domestic user to ensure their home is Coronavirus free. It will ensure that all businesses completely eradicate Coronavirus on all surfaces and will not allow the virus to return, gain immunity or be passed to visitors.

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