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Epaderm Cream 150g


Epaderm Cream 150g is a highly effective moisturizing cream that provides relief for dry and itchy skin conditions. With its unique blend of emollients and occlusives, it deeply hydrates and protects the skin, leaving it soft and supple. Suitable for all ages, this dermatologically tested cream is free from fragrances, colorings, and additives, making it gentle on sensitive skin. Say goodbye to dryness and discomfort with Epaderm Cream 150g.

  • Moisturizes and hydrates dry skin
  • Soothes itching and irritation
  • Suitable for all ages, including babies
  • Helps to restore the skin's natural barrier
  • Can be used as a leaveon or washoff emollient
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Epaderm Cream is a moisturizing emollient cream specially formulated to soothe and hydrate dry skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis. It helps to relieve itching, redness, and inflammation, while also providing a protective barrier to prevent further moisture loss.

Epaderm Cream contains a triple-action formula that works to restore and maintain the skin's natural moisture balance. It combines emollients, humectants, and occlusives to moisturize, soften, and protect the skin. Emollients (liquid paraffin and white soft paraffin) work by filling and smoothing the gaps between skin cells, making your skin feel soft and flexible. Humectants (glycerin) help to draw moisture into the skin, while occlusives (yellow soft paraffin) form a protective layer to lock in the moisture and prevent water loss.

To use Epaderm Cream, apply a thin layer to the affected area of your skin and gently smooth it in the direction of hair growth until fully absorbed. It is recommended to apply the cream two to three times daily, or as directed by your healthcare professional. Epaderm Cream is suitable for adults, children, and babies over the age of one month. Always read the instructions before use and consult a healthcare professional if you have any concerns.

Yes, Epaderm Cream is suitable for sensitive skin. It is free from fragrance, colourings, and SLS, making it gentle and non-irritating. It is dermatologically tested and suitable for use on all skin types, including dry, sensitive, and eczema-prone skin. However, it is always advisable to perform a patch test before using any new skincare product, especially if you have known allergies or sensitivities.

You can purchase Epaderm Cream online at UK Meds. They offer a convenient and reliable service, ensuring you receive your product quickly and discreetly delivered to your doorstep. UK Meds is a trusted online prescription service that provides a wide range of healthcare products, including skincare and prescription medications.

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