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Dandruff is a chronic, yet harmless, condition that affects the scalp and causes white flakes to shed into the hair and onto the shoulders. Although it doesn’t cause the sufferer any pain, it can be unpleasant and make people feel embarrassed.

With the help of UK Meds, you’ll find effective dandruff shampoo and dandruff treatments to keep your dandruff under control and help your scalp to feel healthier.

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Dandruff is a common chronic skin condition that causes the scalp to shed white or grey flakes of dead skin, that work their way into the hair and onto the shoulders. Once the flakes fall, they can become noticeable, particularly if they fall on to the shoulders, and this can cause sufferers some embarrassment and self-consciousness.

The condition is not harmful or contagious, however it can leave people with a dry and itchy scalp, and it can be unpleasant and difficult to manage. Dandruff normally starts between the ages of 10 and 20 and is pretty common in people over the age of 30, affecting over 40%.

Everyone sheds dead skin cells all the time, including skin cells on their scalp. This is because new skin cells are continually being created to replace them and this process is healthy and normal. However, for people with dandruff, the skin cells shed faster than normal and the oil from the scalp (again, all people have this) clogs the cells together, giving this shedding the flake formation.

Developing the condition can be caused by any number of things. If you have another existing skin condition (such as eczema or psoriasis), then this dryness could appear on the scalp too and you may notice it as dandruff. It could also be caused by a sensitivity to certain ingredients, like those in shampoos or other hair products.

Dandruff isn’t just due to skin conditions though; it can be caused by a fungal overgrowth that can be triggered by too much oil on the scalp, problems with the immune system, hormones or stress.

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Dandruff Shampoo

Because dandruff can often be a chronic condition, it’s sometimes about controlling and managing it rather than curing it. This doesn’t necessarily translate to being difficult though, with plenty of effective treatments for dandruff available from UK Meds including dandruff shampoos.

Our specifically tailored range of dandruff shampoos offers results in reducing the appearance of dandruff, as well as the itching or discomfort that sometimes comes alongside it. Our prescription dandruff treatments contain corticosteroids that reduce inflammation and target it right at the source.

Whether you opt for prescription dandruff shampoo or a non-medicinal one, washing your hair regularly will help to remove the flakes and reduce oiliness on the scalp. This will also help to prevent a buildup of oil and flakes on the scalp and minimise the appearance of dandruff.


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