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Face masks are no longer mandatory in England, however, they are still compulsory in many indoor public spaces in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Face masks are essential in protecting yourself from COVID-19. Protect yourself and others from harmful particles in the air that could spread the virus.

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Face masks and visors are now compulsory in many public spaces, to protect both yourself and other people from spreading harmful particles. There is significant evidence to support the wearing of face masks to reduce transmission of both larger droplets and smaller aerosol particles. The face mask market is varied and can appear complicated, which is why it’s especially important to us to assist you in this journey. Each mask offers varying levels of protection depending on your vulnerability to the virus and how close you will be in contact with others. Which mask works best for you will depend on these factors. Our FFP2 and FFP3 medical respirators have been tested in accordance with BSI Covid-19 filtering face piece technical specification, meeting EU standards EN 149:2001+A1:2009.


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Scott Weaver

Medical Content Writer • Bachelor of Arts Degree

Scott is an experienced, skilled content writer dedicated to creating helpful and accessible medical content for UK Meds.

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Medical Reviewer

Thomas Martin

General Practitioner (GP) • MB BCh

Dr. Thomas Martin is a seasoned family medicine doctor, with over 28 years of experience, including 9 years as a GP in Irish government service and emergency out-of-hours care.

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