Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues 8 Pack 72 Pack


Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues 8 Pack 72 Pack is your perfect on-the-go solution for staying clean and fresh. With 8 conveniently sized packs, you can keep these soft and gentle tissues within reach wherever you are. Each pack contains 72 tissues, ensuring long-lasting use. Ideal for everyday use, these pocket tissues are gentle on your skin. Order now and experience the ultimate convenience of Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues!

  • Convenient and portable size
  • Soft and gentle on skin
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • Durable and longlasting
  • Great value for money
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Need a reliable solution for your everyday sneezes, spills, or tears? Look no further than Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues. These conveniently sized tissues are perfect for every occasion, whether it's for personal use, keeping in your bag, or placing in your car.

The Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues 8 Pack 72 Pack includes 8 individual packs of tissues. Each pack contains 72 high-quality tissues, providing you with a total of 576 tissues to keep you covered for a long time.

Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues are renowned for their softness, strength, and absorbency. These tissues are gentle on the skin while effectively handling spills and wiping away tears. They are also pocket-friendly, so you can always have them within reach whenever you need them.

Absolutely! You can conveniently purchase the Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues 8 Pack 72 Pack online at UK Meds. Just visit their website and add the product to your cart. With UK Meds' reliable online shopping experience, you can have your tissues delivered right to your doorstep.

Using Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues is as simple as grabbing a tissue from the pack and using it for its intended purpose. Whether it's for wiping your nose, cleaning a spill, or dabbing away tears, these tissues are ready to assist you.

Kleenex is committed to sustainability and aims to reduce its environmental impact. While these tissues are not specifically labeled as eco-friendly, they are made from responsibly sourced materials and go through a rigorous production process to ensure quality and durability while minimizing waste.

Yes, you can recycle the packaging of the Kleenex Everyday Pocket Tissues. We encourage responsible waste management, so please dispose of the packaging properly in accordance with your local recycling guidelines.

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