Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash 100ml


The Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash is specially formulated to cleanse and soothe sensitive skin. This gentle yet effective face wash is enriched with chamomile and vitamin E, providing a refreshing and calming experience. The 100ml bottle is perfect for travel or daily use, ensuring your skin stays clean and healthy. Say goodbye to irritation and hello to a fresh, revitalized complexion with Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash.

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Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash is a specially formulated facial cleanser designed for men with sensitive skin. It gently cleanses and refreshes the skin, leaving it feeling clean, hydrated and comfortable.

This face wash contains a unique blend of ingredients that have been carefully selected to suit sensitive skin. The soap-free and fragrance-free formula helps to remove impurities and excess oil, without drying out the skin. It is enriched with chamomile and vitamin E to soothe and moisturize the skin, reducing any irritations or redness.

Yes, Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash is gentle enough to be used daily as part of your skincare routine. It effectively cleanses the skin without causing any dryness or discomfort.

To use, simply wet your face with water, squeeze a small amount of the face wash onto your palm, and massage it onto your face in circular motions. Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. For optimal results, follow with a moisturizer.

You can purchase Nivea Men Sensitive Face Wash online at UK Meds. They offer a convenient and secure platform to buy the product, ensuring you receive genuine Nivea products delivered right to your doorstep.

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