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Nytol Tablets


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Nytol is a sleep aid medication and its active ingredient is Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. It is a clinically proven night-time sleep aid medication that induces drowsiness quickly and ensures that your sleep is undisturbed.

Please note the 25mg is a 10 day supply when taken at the maximum doasge of 2 tablets per day. The 50mg is a 20 day supply.

  • Relieves temporary sleeping difficulties
  • Causes sleepiness
  • Single tablet before bedtime
  • Genuine medication
  • All drugs sourced in the UK
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More Information

Nytol is a sleep aid medication and its active ingredient is Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. It is a clinically proven night-time sleep aid medication that induces drowsiness quickly and ensures that your sleep is undisturbed. Nytol comes in two varieties: Nytol Original and Nytol One-A-Night. They contain the same active ingredient and the only difference that the two medications have is the number of tablets that you need to drink.

Nowadays, people find it difficult to get a good night’s sleep and it causes a lot of indirect problems that affect a person’s day to day life. In fact, a majority of people in the UK experience a kind of temporary insomnia. This is caused by stress and problems which keeps them awake at night. Since their anxiety levels are high, they find it difficult to completely fall asleep and even when they do, they often wake up in the middle of the night. This means that they aren’t getting enough rest so they wake up feeling sleepy, irritable, and tired. This causes them to feel even more anxious and they fall into a deadly cycle that is very hard to get away from.

Nytol is a very potent sleep inducer so that it becomes easy to break the cycle. Taking the medication will allow the person to fall asleep. This allows them to wake up well-rested so they can accomplish more things. This then reduces their source of stress and their anxiety levels go down as well because of it.

For more information on the prescription medication patients should refer to the Nytol Tablets patient information leaflet.

Nytol contains Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. It is an antihistamine which is usually used to treat allergic responses and reactions. As the name implies, this category of medication acts by inhibiting histamine which is a neurotransmitter mostly related to immune responses. However, it is also related to the brains sleep-wake cycle. Because of its mode of action, this particular medication is more effective in inducing sleep. Antihistamines generally affect the brain directly by sedating the neural responses and slowing down brain activity. This slow down causes drowsiness as well as decrease in sensorium and anxiety levels thus allowing the person to relax and fall asleep.

Every person requires varying amounts of sleep to feel rested and sometimes the same amount of sleep might not even give the same feeling of rest afterwards. This means that the traditional 8 hours of sleep requirement is a myth since some people are perfectly fine with 4 to 6 hours while some may sleep for more than 10 hours and still feel tired. The important thing about sleep is the quality of sleep that you get.

The main benefits of drinking Nytol is that you will be able to fall asleep quicker, maintain your sleep without waking up, and gives you a deep and well-resting sleep. This also means that you get all the benefits that one gets from getting a good night’s sleep.

These include:

  • Decreased anxiety levels
  • Increased focus and concentration
  • Better sleep and waking patterns
  • Better performance in work
  • Better mood and affect
  • Better immune system

Both Nytol variants come in tablet form and should be taken orally. This means that you need to take them with water for ease of intake. As they act quite quickly, it is recommended to drink them 20 minutes before bedtime. They take effect quite fast so taking them ahead of time might make you sleepy too fast which may impede your daily life.

Nytol Original contains 25 mg of the active ingredient while Nytol One-A-Night contains 50 mg of Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride. This means that you need to drink 1 or 2 caplets of Nytol Orignal to fall asleep quickly depending on your requirement while you only need to drink one of Nytol One-A-Night.

Basically, their only difference is that one is half the dose of the other but if you can already fall asleep with 1 caplet of 25 mg, then it would be better. However, if you are in need of a stronger dose, then Nytol One-A-Night is an easier and more effective way to fall asleep quickly.

The most apparent side effect that you can experience when using the medication is that you might feel drowsy bit too quickly. As it is one of the most potent and fast-acting sleep aid medications available, you should adjust your schedule accordingly. Make sure that when you drink that medication, you are already ready to go to sleep as you might not be able to do anything afterwards. This also means that you need to avoid doing activities that require a lot of mental concentration and focus after you take Nytol.

If the medication is a bit too effective and you find yourself sleeping too much or feeling too drowsy even after waking up, the dosage might be too high or you might be taking the drug too often. However, if symptoms persist, it would be best to talk with your doctor as it might be a sign of other problems.

Lastly, the active ingredient of Nytol is an antihistamine which is very effective in treating allergic reactions. This means that if you are allergic to the drug or to any of its components, it might be masked by the effect so you should be wary. Also, avoid taking the drug if you are scheduled for an allergy test sometime soon as it would give a false negative result.

You can safely buy Nytol online at UK Meds, without the need for a prescription or consultation with a medical professional, however you should adhere to the advice given in the patient leaflet enclosed.

Sleep medication makes you drowsy, so that you can fall asleep better. If you have the opposite problem and are unable to stay awake, you may be suffering from narcolepsy. This is a disorder which causes people to fall asleep when they do not wish to. You may need to buy Modafinil at the direction of your doctor if you suffer from narcolepsy.


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