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Antihistamines do exactly what their name suggests. They are responsible for inhibiting the release of histamines so as to stop the allergic response from ever happening.

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Allergic Rhinitis is a problem that is too mild to worry about extensively but is too annoying to completely forget about. Its symptoms range from sneezing fits to congestions and runny nose. It’s caused by a number of things since people who get allergic rhinitis often experience them through various reasons. However, it is mostly through items that are small enough to be inhaled. These particulates are treated as allergens by the body which causes the allergic response.

Most of the time, the body will simply ignore these foreign particles that get into the air passageways. However, for people who have allergic rhinitis, these particles become allergens that are treated by the body as pathogens. Normally that would be a good thing. However, the body will react to pathogens quite differently as it will attack it violently with antibodies. It will trigger an inflammatory response which will cause blood to flow to the area thereby increasing the mucus production. This causes the runny nose, congestion, and sneezing that happens.

Roughly 20% of the UK population suffers from this problem and it is quite unclear why this happens although genetics seem to be one of the primary causes for getting one. Rhinolast contains the compound Azelastine hydrochloride which is an antihistamine. This drug has been proven to lessen the allergic reaction which will then cause a decrease in the symptoms felt.

As part of the allergic response, the body releases a chemical known as histamine. This is responsible for triggering the allergic response and only appears when an allergen is identified by the body. When histamine is present in the area, blood flow will increase to that portion of the body and the immune system will send out the antibodies as well.

Antihistamines do exactly what their name suggests. They are responsible for inhibiting the release of histamines so as to stop the allergic response from ever happening. This means that the person won’t have to experience the allergic reaction in general.

Since Rhinolast stops the allergic reaction from even happening, taking the medication means that you won’t have to worry about experiencing all the associated symptoms. This means that you will feel relief from your sneezing fits and will have an easier time breathing as congestion will ease up.

Rhinolast is a nasal spray containing the active ingredient Azelastine hydrochloride. As the medication is delivered almost directly to the problem area, it is expected that the results will appear faster and more effectively compared to other methods of administration. The drug is and over the counter type of medication which means that you can easily purchase it anywhere. This makes relief from allergies very accessible.

The drug is a nasal spray meaning that the active compound is dissolved in a saline solution. It is a 0.1% w/v concentration and the recommended dosage will depend on the age of the patient.

  • Adults – one spray per nostril, twice a day. One spray is roughly 0.14 ml. Total of 0.56 mg of the active compound per day.
  • Children – for kids 6 years and above, one spray per nostril, twice a day also.
  • Elderly – as there are no conclusive studies about the effects of the medication for the elderly, it is recommended to seek help from your doctor first.

As with any other medication, there are always side effects and adverse reactions that you will need to watch out for. The usual side effects reported when taking rhinolast are nausea and a bitter aftertaste in the mouth. Nasal irritation is also common since the medication is administered directly to the nasal passage. This may also cause epistaxis or nosebleeds. However, these side effects are mostly minor and rare.

As with other medications, an allergic reaction may happen if you are allergic to the active ingredient. Since the medication is supposed to treat allergic reactions, you should be cautious and watch out for worsening signs of allergies. Worsening allergic symptoms may mean that you are allergic to the drug as the drug itself is supposed to treat your allergic rhinitis.

If you are already taking other antihistamines or other nasal sprays, consult with your doctor first to ensure that they don’t have any adverse effects with one another.

You can safely buy Rhinolast online at UK Meds. You will need to have first an online consultation with a pharmacist independent prescriber before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Rhinolast is the right medication for your medical condition.


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