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Silkis ointment is an anti-psoriasis medication that has the active ingredient ‘Calcitriol,’ a kind of medicine known as a Vitamin D Analogue.

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  • Controls the excess skin patches
  • Eliminates redness
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Silkis ointment is an anti-psoriasis medication that has the active ingredient ‘Calcitriol,’ a kind of medicine known as a Vitamin D Analogue. Calcitriol is a potent topical drug that can help treat mild to moderate psoriasis to up to 35% of the body area.

Silkis ointment is infused with a scientifically enhanced ingredient called ‘Calcitriol,’ which is a kind of vitamin D analogue by many medical experts.

It works by binding Vitamin D receptors called Keratinocytes which are responsible for excessive skin cell production. This enables to bring the rate at which skin cells are massively produced from an excessive level back to the normal rate and thus reduce the symptoms of plaque psoriasis.

It helps treat plaque psoriasis, a skin condition that leads to the thickening and scaling of the skin due to excessive production of skin cells. The Silkis ointment works by reducing the excessive production of skin cells, hence, getting rid of scaly, red, and itchy skin patches found in most psoriasis patients. After two weeks of consistent use of Silkis ointment the patient will notice a considerable improvement of the skin.

Silkis ointment helps cure mild to moderately severe condition of plaque psoriasis with two weeks of consistent use. It can be used to up to 35% of the total skin surface of the body, thus reducing symptoms of thickening, scaly, red, and itchy skin.

Apply Silkis ointment on the affected area of the skin two times a day, preferably one in the morning and one at bedtime after thoroughly washing the affected area. A considerable improvement of the skin will be noticed with up to 4 weeks of consistent use of Silkis.

Silkis ointment should be applied to the affected areas where psoriasis is approximately two times daily- morning and evening. Never attempt to use over 30 grams of the medication daily and it must be used to only 35% of the body area.

To use Silkis ointment, wash and carefully pat dry the affected area. Very gently apply and rub the emollient on the affected area until such time that it is absorbed in the skin. Do not cover the affected area, let it air dry naturally.

After each application, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. As the condition improves, your doctor may prescribe that you stop using the Silkis ointment. The physician may advise reusing of the cream when the lesion reappears or the condition recurs.

Each gram of Silkis contains up to 0.0003% w/w or 3 µg of Calcitriol. Use as directed by your dermatologist or physician. Apply the topical cream two times a day or as directed by your doctor and do not exceed one third or 35% of the body area. It contains the non-medicinal ingredients such as white petrolatum, Vitamin E, and mineral oil. The skin condition will see improvements in 2-4 weeks of consistent use of Silkis.

Silkis ointment is for external use only. You must avoid contact with eyes. Use the Silkis ointment only as advised by your dermatologist. Wash your hands thoroughly after every application of Silkis ointment on the affected area.

Never exceed the prescribed dosage of your dermatologist. A total maximum of 30 grams of Silkis ointment can be used daily and no more than 35% of the affected area of the body can be covered.

Like any other medicines, Silkis can come with some side effects, but not everyone is able to experience them.

  • Flu-like symptoms
  • Psoriasis symptoms
  • Itch
  • Abnormal laboratory test results, urine or blood tests
  • High amounts of calcium in urine
  • Skin discomfort
  • Rashes or blisters over the body
  • Hives
  • Nausea
  • Frequent Urination
  • Signs of an allergic reaction
  • Symptoms of high blood calcium

These are the recorded side effects of the topical medication Silkis.

If you experience any of these side effects, or where you feel something not mentioned above, be sure to contact your physician, nurse, or pharmacist about it. Seek emergency medical assistance where you experience life threatening side effects. Ask your doctor if you are allowed to use Silkis if you are taking other medicines that can ran counter or interact with this medication. Inform your doctor about all other medicines you are taking including food supplements, herbal, or otherwise.

This list of side effects is not conclusive. Always read the product information leaflet for other possible side effects. This Silkis must always be kept out of reach of children. It should not be used by breastfeeding or pregnant women. But, there is no conclusive evidence that the contents of the drug can pass on pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Silkis is not noted to cause nausea or drowsiness among users. So, it is safe to be used by patients who are driving, operating machineries, or performing tasks that require 100% focus and mental alertness.

Always consult your doctor before taking Silkis. If your psoriasis condition has not improved after consistent use and treatment with Silkis or where it becomes worse, immediately talk to your doctor.

You can safely buy Silkis online at UK Meds. You will need to have first an online consultation with a pharmacist independent prescriber before your order will be supplied. The online consultation will ensure that Silkis is the right medication for your medical condition.


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