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Tests & Diagnostics

When it comes to the world of medicines, the first part of being able to treat a problem, condition or ailment is identifying it. Here at UK Meds, we stock a number of diagnostic tools from STI kits to blood sugar test strips for diabetes. Once you’ve worked out exactly what you need to treat, we’re here on hand with our friendly online doctor service and vast range of products, to get you feeling the best that you can.
Diabetes Diagnostics
Diabetes is a disease that affects your blood sugar levels and, if not managed properly, can cause complications. Keep diabetes under control by using proper tests and diagnostics.
Blood Pressure Monitors
An indicator of both short term and long term health problems, it’s important that you know and understand your blood pressure.

Your treatment discreetly to your door in three easy steps

  1. Choose your treatment

    Sit back, relax and choose your one-off or subscription of medication on any device from anywhere.

  2. Complete a consultation

    With complete privacy and confidentiality your form is checked by a pharmacist independent prescriber and then dispensed by a pharmacy in the UK.

  3. Receive your delivery

    With same day service in parts of the UK, you can have your treatment delivery discreetly within hours.

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