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Drug and Alcohol Tests

Whether you want to find out if you're over the alcohol limit to drive or to find out if one of your employees is using drugs, there are a number of reasons that a drug and alcohol test kit could come in handy. We stock test kits that are over 99% accurate and deliver you immediate results.

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    If you are looking for reliable and highly accurate results then you will be glad to know that the drug and alcohol kits test for 6 different substances and can detect even the smallest trace in the system.

    The substances that the kits test for include ethyl glucuronide (alcohol), amphetamine (AKA meth), benzodiazepines, cannabis, cocaine and opiates (including heroin and opioid painkillers like morphine).

    There a number of reasons that you may want to use the drug and alcohol test kit. As a parent, you may want to use one to see that your children are not misusing any substances and to make sure you’re able to keep them safe.

    As an employer or sports coach (or similar), you may need to test your employees or players to ensure that everyone is following the rules and that there is no foul play going on.

    Of course, you may want the drug and alcohol test kit for yourself. After a heavy night of drinking, the test kit offers a safe and reliable method to check if you’re safe to drive n the morning or if you either need to wait it out or find an alternative mode of transport. Often, you may feel fine but are still way over the limit and these tests can clarify this for you.

    The drug and alcohol test kit brags an accuracy rate of over 99% so you can trust the results that you get. The kits are also simple and easy to use, and offer instant results with no waiting around.

    If there are certain foreign substances in your body, these will not be fully metabolised into the bloodstream. Any that is not fully absorbed will leave your body through your sweat, urine and saliva.

    Because drugs and alcohol in your body are detectable in your urine, this test kit is a simple dip test that is able to detect the substances.

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