The Ab Mask Anti-fog Cloth for Glasses


The Ab Mask Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth is designed to prevent the steaming up, or fogging, of your glasses. Fogging can commonly occur with mask wearing due to Covid-19 regulations, or when you transition from a cold to a hot environment.

  • Prevents future fogging
  • Effects last 48 hours
  • Odourless and reusable
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  • The Ab Mask Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth cleans the lenses of eyeglasses to prevent future fogging
  • Use of the cloth prevents fogging during mask-wearing, or when moving from cold to warm environments
  • The effects of the cloth last for 48 hours
  • The cloth is odourless and reusable.

The Ab Mask Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth is designed for those who wear glasses and experience fogging of the lenses. Using the ultra-fine, dust-free cloth to clean the glasses provides 48 hours of anti-fog wear. It also prevents smearing and dust deposition on the lenses of the glasses.

The Ab Mask Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth should be used in the following way.

  1. Clean and dry the lenses of your glasses as usual
  2. Breathe onto the lens so that it is fogged
  3. Use the Ab Mask Anti-Fog Cloth to gently wipe the lens until the fog has disappeared
  4. Repeat with the other lens.

The cloth can be used up to 1000 times.

The Ab Mask Eyeglass Anti-Fog Cloth is suitable for a range of other uses including cleaning goggles and sunglasses.

The following precautions will ensure the best anti-fogging results.

  • The Ab Mask Anti-Fog Cloth should be kept dry – do not wash or rinse it
  • Do not use the cloth to wash or wipe the hands or face
  • Wash your hands before and after using the cloth to clean your glasses
  • Do not use the cloth on contact lenses
  • Do not let the cloth touch food or drink
  • Keep the cloth out of the reach of children.

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