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The combined contraceptive pill called Femodene is proven 99 percent efficient in preventing pregnancy. The tablet works by providing a constant supply of synthetic hormones to the body so that it will override the menstrual cycle. The tablet is also efficient in making periods less painful, lighter, and more regular.

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How to buy Femodene online?

Femodene contraceptives can be easily purchased online. It is more convenient than getting an appointment with a doctor to get a prescription for a repeat order. It contains the artificial forms of progestogen and oestrogen which is gestodene and ethinyl estradiol respectively. The tablet is 99 percent efficient at preventing pregnancy and could be used by women in treating endometriosis or in relieving painful menstrual cycles. It lessens heavy flow, reduces cramps and regulates menstrual periods. Taking these combined contraceptives eases worries and risks each month.

Femodene can be ordered online and if the order is placed before 4pm, you can receive your meds the day after, free of delivery fees or on the same day if your address has a London postcode.

What is Femodene?

The primary function of Femodene contraceptive is the prevention of pregnancy. It is a combined pill taken orally for 21 days. Its main ingredients are both artificial progestogen and oestrogen that imitates your menstrual cycle and prevents ovulation from happening. Though Femodene was manufactured to prevent pregnancy and is efficient at 99 per cent in doing so, it is also used in the treatment of various ailments such as:

  • Heavy menstrual flows
  • Unusual menstrual bleeding
  • Regularizing menstrual periods
  • Relief of painful periods

How does Femodene work?

Femodene works like any typical combined pill. Its main ingredients are 2 synthetic forms of oestrogen and progestogen that works by imitating the natural menstrual cycle and fools the body into thinking an egg has been produced. The active ingredients ethinylestradiol (oestrogen) and gestodene (progestogen) varies in every Femodene combined tablet.

If an egg is produced by accident, Femodene alters the cervical lining, making it thinner. This makes it difficult for the egg to attach to the cervix. The uterine fluid also becomes thicker making it hard for the sperm to fertilize the egg if the prior options fail. The 3 day method is 99% efficient in the prevention of pregnancy.

How to take Femodene?

A 3-month supply pack of Femodene contains 3 blister packs of 21 pills. 6 months is equal to 6 packs of 21 tablets each. Every blister pack has a label indicating the day of the week the pill should be taken so you won't lose track. Every pill contains equal doses of oestrogen and progesterone.

  • For 21 days take one tablet daily
  • The tablets can be taken with or without food
  • Take the tablet on the same time every day for optimum efficiency
  • Take a 7 day pill-free break after 21 days
  • Withdrawal bleeding will occur during the 7 day break
  • Start your next pack after the 7 day break
  • Skipping 1 pill reduces the efficiency of the treatment. If this happens, refer to the combined pill information page for more details on what you must do if you skip one or more pills.

Once you take the pill on the first day of your period, you will immediately be protected from pregnancy. If taken on the other days of the cycle, you will need to use a condom as additional barrier contraception in the following 7 days before you receive the full protection.

Though the pill is proven efficient to protect you from getting pregnant, it is not to be used in protecting against STIs or sexually transmitted infections. Use a barrier contraception to protect yourself from STIs especially if you doubt the sexual health of your partner.

Femodene Dosages

Each Femodene tablet you purchase contains equal amounts of oestrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (gestodene). The more dominant ingredient is 75mcg of ethinylestradiol and 30mcg of gestodene. In UK, these can be purchased in packages for 3 or 6 months supply. If it's your first time to use Femodene, it is advisable to test the 3 month dose first to see if it suits you.

Every Femodene pill you buy contains the same amount of oestrogen (ethinylestradiol) and progestogen (gestodene). This is 75mcg of ethinylestradiol and 30mcg of gestodene (oestrogen is always the more dominant active ingredient).

Side effects and precautions

Several women purchase and use Femodene and experience having adverse effects. If ever it happens, the effects are mild, manageable and fade away after the first 3 months of its intake. The adverse effects includes weight gain, headaches, tenderness of the breast and vomiting/nausea. If the symptoms persists after 3 months, call the doctor to change the prescription.

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