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Vesicare is a convenient medical treatment that treats urinary incontinence and overactive bladder syndrome. It immediately takes into action and stops incontinence at the fastest time possible. The active ingredient in it is called solifenacin. This ingredient helps the patient control the actions of their bladders.

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How to buy Vesicare online?

You can order your Vesicare through the internet by logging onto You have to undergo an online consultation with an accredited doctor. He will see if you are fit to take Vesicare or not. Once he sees you fit, you can proceed to placing your orders by filling out the online ordering form. If you are able to send the form before 4:30 pm, you will receive your orders on the next working day.

What is Vesicare?

Vesicare is a medical treatment intended to totally eliminate urinary incontinence. It is called by experts as muscarinic receptor antagonist. This means it has the ability to control or prevent muscle spasms in the bladder. This keeps the patient from frequently visiting the toilet.

The common treatment for urinary incontinence is to place sheets down there, opting to take medication is more clinically supported manner of dealing with this condition.

How does Vesicare work?

Solifenacin, the active ingredient in Vesicare, is classified under antimuscarinics. This means its sole purpose is to treat urinary incontinence. The ingredient does this by preventing muscle spasms and making the bladder muscles relax. The result is bladder that can easily control its urine dispersal. There will no need to go to the bathroom that often. This is the best ingredient that can stop this condition.

How to take Vesicare?

Take one tablet per day. Ingest the tablet without breaking. Push it down with a glass of water. Vesicare can be taken on full or empty stomach. It is important that you take the pill on the same time of each day.


Vesicare tablets come in 2 dosages – 5 and 10 mg.

Side effects and precautions

The common side effects of Vesicare include mouth dryness, constipation, dry eyes, faintness, headaches, blurry vision, and upset stomach.