Levonelle 1500

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Levonelle 1500

Levonelle is a morning after pill that helps women from becoming pregnant. It is usually taken after unprotected sex or failure of contraceptives. The active ingredient in Levonelle is levonorgestrel. It is a synthetic progesterone which is the naturally occurring sex hormone in women.

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How does Levonelle work?

The mode of action of Levonelle is not yet fully understood. Although the idea is that it helps in preventing ovulation by altering the lining of the womb. Even if an egg is released and is fertilized, there are slimmer chances of the egg being implanted into the womb because of the altered lining. Thus, pregnancy is avoided. The ingredient levonorgestrel also aids in increasing the thickness of the natural mucus at the cervix. By doing so, the sperm will have much difficulty to cross the womb. The process of fertilization of an egg cell to the implantation of the fertilized egg on the womb usually occurs for as long as 72 hours. This means that the effectivity of Levonelle to prevent pregnancy is also up to 72 hours only. The early you take the day after pill, the more effective Levonelle will be.

How to take Levonelle?

Since Levonelle is a day after pill, it consists of just one tablet. The tablet should be taken as soon as possible after you have unprotected sex. According to studies, women who take Levonelle within 24 hours has a 95% success rate. It can still be taken up to 72 hours after the unprotected sex although the effectiveness is decreased to only 58%. The tablet can be taken anytime during your menstruation cycle. It can also be taken with or without food. If you feel sick within 2 hours of taking Levonelle, you should take another tablet and consult your doctor immediately.

Levonelle should not be used under the following circumstances:

  • Women who are or might be pregnant
  • Women with blood disorders such as acute porphyrias
  • Women with galactose intolerance
  • Women who have high risks of ectopic pregnancy
  • Women with severe decrease in liver function