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From ulcers to cold sores to dry lips, there are many different ailments that can affect your mouth. Often causing pain, discomfort and trouble eating, it’s surprising how much these conditions can affect your daily life so treat them quickly and efficiently with our range of effective products, be it an over-the-counter option or a prescription medicine for the more severe issues.

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Our mouths contain many different aspects, all responsible for different jobs. Our teeth are there to assist us in eating and digesting food, our gums are there to protect our teeth and our salivary glands are there to produce saliva that keeps our mouths moist and breaks down carbohydrates.

The tongue plays a major role in the mouth, with all of our taste buds being located on it. The tongue helps us to chew and swallow food, as well as speak and form different sounds. Our lips help with this too, and you’ll notice that many sounds cannot be made without moving your lips (such as the letter B).

With so many different components contributing to our overall mouth health, it does mean that you can suffer from many different ailments. We are all taught about the importance of dental care from an early age, as tooth decay, gum disease or even tooth loss are serious health problems.

When your body becomes rundown, you may notice things such as mouth ulcers (usually on the inside of the cheeks) and cold sores (which is herpes of the mouth). If you are suffering with a medical condition, virus or bacterial infection, then this can weaken your body and make you more vulnerable to developing or catching other things too.

You may notice that certain aspects of your mouth health are linked to weather, with many people experiencing dry, sore or cracked lips over the winter months, as well as an increased number of cold sores.

Because our mouth is where all food and drink begin their digestion journey, that means that you may experience day-to-day issues such as a scalded tongue or roof of the mouth (from drinking or eating too-hot food), or inflamed taste buds (small, painful bumps on the tongue) that appear from a bite or from an irritation caused by food.

On the more serious end of the spectrum, many people experience tonsillitis at some point in their life, which is an infection of the tonsils (two small bumps that hang down at the back of your throat). This is usually remedied by simply removing them, as it’s children that often catch it and using antibiotics (another tonsillitis cure) too often, can lead to their effectiveness being diminished.

Oral Care

It’s important to maintain good oral health, not only to avoid any of the issues listed above, but also to maintain proper function and keep everything working as it should. Dental health should be maintained by brushing twice a day with a good fluoride toothpaste, as well as using mouthwash after every brush and flossing once a day (ideally before bed). These extra measures help to get to food and other residue that brushing alone doesn’t, and helps keep gums healthy too.

When caring for your lips, you should apply a lip balm or petroleum jelly every night before bed, in order to keep lips soft and hydrated. If you do start to notice dry lips then you may want to opt for a more intensive treatment, that will offer relief and help to repair the damage. If you do notice mouth ulcers or sores developing, then you can combat them quickly with our range of products.

The only other way to properly care for your mouth is to take care when eating and drinking; be cautious with very hot food and be aware that drinks such as coffee or red wine can lead to staining of the teeth.


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