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Any problems with your nasal passages can not only affect your sense of smell but also your ability to breathe. Feeling congested can be unpleasant and while it often clears up on its own, you can help to speed the process up with our range of effective products. Offering treatments from your favourite brands, we can deliver next day to get you feeling better (and clearer) in no time.

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The nose is responsible for drawing air into the lungs; warming it, filtering it and moistening it as it does. Once the lungs have taken the desired oxygen, the air (made up mainly of nitrogen and carbon dioxide) can be breathed back out, again via the nose.

As bigger part as the nose plays in the respiratory system, it’s also responsible for your sense of smell. As air is breathed in, your nose can detect any impurities and this triggers your sense of smell, which is communicated to the brain. These impurities can be warning smells such as smoke, or pleasant smells such as a food you like.

As part of the structure of your nose, you will find that your nostrils are lined with mucous and small hairs, both of which act as protection to stop any impurities making their way up into your lungs. You also have four sinus cavities (located below and above your eyes) that connect to the nose and help to make sure that the air that the lungs receive is clean.

The most common nasal-related complaint by a long way is rhinitis (commonly referred to as congestion), which is an inflammation of the nose and sinuses. This usually leads to a nose that is both blocked and runny, usually simultaneously, and can diminish the sufferer’s sense of smell. Rhinitis can be categorised as either allergic or non-allergic; allergic rhinitis is caused by a sensitivity to certain irritants (such as pollen, dust or animal fur) and non-allergic rhinitis is normally caused by a cold or virus.

Some other common issues related to the nasal passages include nosebleeds (caused by the inside of your nose being too dry, among other things) and a deviated septum (something that sufferers are usually born with).

Nasal Spray

If you’re feeling congested and suffering from a blocked or runny nose, then you may wish to help clear the symptoms (ahead of the congestion itself clearing). At UK Meds, we offer a wide range of products to help you breathe easier in the time it takes for the virus or allergy to ease.

As well as treating nasal issues with medicines and other over-the-counter products, you can also do some things at home to try and ease the blocked feeling. Try inhaling steam either by taking a long bath or shower, or by enjoying a hot drink. You can also get specially designed handheld steamers, that offer a more precise approach by targeting the nose directly.


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