Hirsutism (Hair Removal) Treatment

Excessive growth of female hair (medically known as facial hirsutism) affects 1 in 10 women in the UK and despite its prevalence, the condition can cause psychological effects such as self-consciousness and stress. Although the most common area for extra hair growth is the face, it can also occur on the chest, lower stomach and lower back.

Because of the appearance, most women decide to treat excessive hair growth. We offer effective options through our private and reliable online service.

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Hirsutism is excessive hair growth in women, on areas where it doesn’t usually grow. All women experience hair growth across their whole bodies and leave a lot of areas untouched (such as the arms), but choose to remove the hair on others (such as the armpits, legs and genital region). However, it’s considered excessive hair growth when it happens in other areas such as the face (chin and upper lip in particular), chest, stomach and back.

This hair is present on all women but is usually very fine, light and short to the point where it’s virtually invisible. However, for women who suffer from hirsutism, the hair becomes darker, coarser and thicker, to the point where it’s very noticeable.

Alongside the excessive hair growth, this condition can often come accompanied by acne or other skin problems related to extra oils. You may also notice a deeper voice and an enlarged clitoris with this condition.

When a girl goes through puberty, her body starts to produce both male and female hormones. Because of a woman’s menstrual cycle, the levels of the female hormones are usually higher, resulting in less body hair than men have. However, if these levels are thrown off, this can cause excessive hair growth due to the male hormones (androgen).

There are lots of ways in which this hormone balance can be tipped, including an increased sensitivity to androgen, polycystic ovary syndrome (which results in increased androgen production), Cushing’s syndrome (increased production of cortisol hormone) and Acromegaly (a disorder causing too much growth hormone, which affects the hair).

Hirsutism can also be caused by a number of other existing conditions, kidney problems, any changes to the female reproductive system, and certain medications. Unfortunately, a lot of women also develop Hirsutism where there is no obvious cause, which is known as ‘idiopathic hirsutism’.

Hair Removal Cream

It’s down to each individual to decide whether or not treatment is required, as some women who experience Hirsutism may not feel the need to remove the hair. However, a lot of women can find that it has a detrimental effect on their self-image, causing stress and even depression. If you do choose to treat the excessive hair growth, then the severity of it will usually influence the treatment method.

For severe cases of Hirsutism, women often choose to seek medical treatment. The first line of treatment could be an anti-androgen medication (like certain types of the contraceptive pill), which is highly effective at reducing excessive hair. However, it can take 6 months to begin working, so you may wish to opt for a cream, such as Vaniqa, instead (or as well). Vaniqa cream is clinically proven to effectively reduce excessive facial hair growth on women, with little to no risk of side effects and an easy application. Both of these options are available for purchase from UK Meds, with the aid of our friendly, helpful prescribers.

If your condition is less severe (or if you simply don’t want to turn to medication), then the traditional methods of hair removal are also options. Shaving, waxing, plucking, threading and bleaching can all reduce the appearance of hair, however, they each come with their own set of downsides (such as upkeep, pain, and regrowth appearance). There are also longer-term self-administered solutions, such as laser hair removal and electrolysis, which can both be effectual, but they can be painful, risky and expensive.

Hirsutism isn’t entirely down to hair removal methods though; there are lifestyle factors that you may consider. Being in control of your weight can reduce the production of androgens (lessening the hair growth), while increasing intake of vitamin B and protein and reducing your intake of carbs can also improve symptoms.


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