Able Spacer (Inhaler Spacer)


Aiding inhalation and inhaler technique, the Able Inhaler Spacer is an easy to use aerosol chamber which by providing a larger space between the inhaler and mouth, will ensure that the optimum volume of medication is inhaled. The Able spacer for inhalers is suitable for adults and children.

UK Meds also offer the Able Spacer Inhaler with Whistle.

  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning
  • Suitable for adults and children
  • Inhaler can be stored in the Spacer
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The Able Inhaler Spacer is a universal aerosol chamber made by Clement Clark. The small volume Spacer is designed to improve your MDI technique by assisting with aerosol delivery and compliance. The unique design of the Able Spacer assists in improving your inhaler technique. Spacers work by providing a space between the inhaler and mouth. In turn, this will reduce the speed that the medication particles enter the mouth. This means a larger proportion of the medication will be inhaled. The Inhaler Able Spacer is suitable for tidal breathing. Silver ions in the polymer of the Able Spacer are made with anti-microbial properties - the ONLY KNOWN spacer devices on the market to incorporate anti-microbial. Suitable for Single Breath and Hold and Tidal Volume techniques.

Highlights of the Able Spacer:

  • Saves space as the inhaler can be discretely stored inside the Spacer when not in use
  • Easy to dismantle for simple cleaning
  • Suitable for tidal breathing
  • Suitable for both adults and children

Yes. The Able Spacer is a popular valved inhalation chamber that provides improved protection from contamination and inhibits microbial growth. It uses an anti-microbial silver ion technology to guard against contamination and minimize the potential for microbial growth. The visible valve movement makes it easier for parents or carers to observe actuation and confirm correct inhalation of pMDI medication. In this way, Able Spacer and Mask supports users in taking their medicine as prescribed.

In 1996, Able Spacer Inhaler revolutionised inhaled aerosol medication delivery for patients, with its ability to ensure safe and effective usage. Today, the latest features have improved asthma patient experiences with an improved valved holding chamber that is easier to use. Thanks to the Able Inhaler Spacer, people around the world are able to enjoy the convenience of using their inhalers correctly.

Able Spacer and Mask boast a unique polymer construction incorporating silver ions, preventing the growth of bacteria and fungi. Despite this, research has proven that microorganisms still have the tendency to establish colonies in spacer devices.

Further research has revealed that drug residues may lead to the development of certain bacteria, this requires regular washing of inhaler spacers. A benefit of the Able Inhaler Spacer is that it is free from latex, phthalates, and BPA because of the polymer used to manufacture it.

Able Inhaler Spacer is crafted using a low-static ABS polymer. All component parts are safeguarded from static during the production process and come packaged in anti-static bags. Due to the fact that static in chambers can limit drug delivery, it is important to take measures to reduce static, such as detergent washing, for more information see the Able Spacer Inhaler product instructions.

After administering medication into the chamber, it is recommended to take the dose either through a single deep breath or multiple shallow breaths (tidal breathing). The medication will linger as an airborne cloud for approximately 10 seconds, so inhalation should immediately follow spraying.

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