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    A Complete Guide to Inflammation (CRP) Tests: Your Questions Answered

    In this article we’ll explore what inflammation is, the significance of CRP (C-reactive protein), what a CRP test looks for, common signs and symptoms of inflammation, and where you can get a CRP test. This guide is ideal if you're seeking information on any of these topics, or if you suspect you are suffering from inflammation and looking for answers without having to visit a doctor.

    A doctor holding up a sign that has the acronym "CRP" on it

    What is inflammation?

    Inflammation is your body's natural process in response to damage or harm. When your body detects a threat or damage your immune system releases molecules that widen blood vessels to combat the problem. The British Heart Foundation states that inflammation can manifest in two forms. These forms are acute and chronic. Acute inflammation is the body's reaction to injury or illness, such as the immediate redness and swelling you get when you have a cut or splinter. Chronic inflammation on the other hand is a prolonged and persistent immune response within the body and often lasts for weeks, months, or even years.

    What is C-reactive protein (CRP)?

    C-reactive protein (often shortened to CRP) is a protein that is generated by the liver. According to the NHS, when the body experiences inflammation the liver increases production of CRP. These elevated levels of CRP serve as a marker for inflammation. CRP is an indicator used by healthcare professionals and tests to check for inflammation and response to treatment.

    What is a CRP blood test?

    A CRP blood test, also known as a C-reactive protein test, is a diagnostic test used to measure the levels of C-reactive protein (CRP) in the bloodstream. A CRP test specifically measures the level of this particular protein in the bloodstream as higher levels are released as a response to inflammation. By testing for CRP levels in a blood sample, healthcare professionals can assess the presence and severity of inflammation in the body. This can aid in the diagnosis and management of inflammation and inflammatory conditions (Tidy & Willacy, 2023). At UK Meds, we provide a high-quality CRP blood test that you can do by yourself at home. This is the yorktest Inflammation (CRP) test, a high-sensitivity CRP test that you can purchase from UK Meds.

    How is a CRP blood test sample collected?

    The collection of a CRP blood test sample will vary depending on how you have your test conducted. If a doctor does your test you will usually have a needle inserted into your arm (Lab Tests Online, 2020). If you use a home testing kit such as the yorktest Inflammation CRP test then you will collect your blood sample using a simple finger prick.

    How long does a CRP test take?

    A CRP test conducted by a healthcare provider will typically take a few minutes to draw blood (O’Carroll, Huizen & Villines, 2023). A home CRP test like the YorkTest Inflammation CRP test will take a few minutes also, however, you should take your time to ensure that you are conducting the test properly.

    What are common signs of inflammation?

    As with other conditions, there are some common symptoms that you can look for if you believe that you are suffering from inflammation or an inflammatory condition. These are the most common signs of inflammation you can look for (Institute for Quality and Efficiency in Health Care (IQWiG), 2006):

    • Redness

    • Heat

    • Swelling

    • Pain

    • Loss of function

    What are the benefits of an inflammation (CRP) test?

    There are a number of benefits to doing an inflammation (CRP) test. As mentioned, at UK Meds we provide the yorktest inflammation (CRP) test. This test provides patients with a number of different benefits, including:

    • An insight into overall health

    • Early detection of ‘silent’ inflammation that can help prevent long-term damage

    • An assessment of underlying health conditions that could exhibit raised CRP levels

    • A risk assessment for cardiovascular health that has been linked to chronic inflammation

    • Provides guidance for potential modifications to lifestyle

    Which inflammation (CRP) tests are available at UK Meds?

    At UK Meds we provide the yorktest Inflammation (CRP) test that is available to purchase online. This test is designed to measure levels of CRP in the bloodstream to give an insight into overall health as well as potential inflammation. We provide a number of different YorkTest tests at UK Meds including essential health check tests, food intolerance tests, thyroid tests, allergy tests and more. 


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