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    Erectile Dysfunction
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    How long does it take Levitra 20mg to work?

    Levitra is a common erectile dysfunction medicine that is used by men everywhere to assist them with getting and maintaining an erection. Given that Levitra 20mg is used to assist with sex, men who take it will want to know how long it takes to work (and therefore how long before sex they need to take it).

    How long does it take Levitra to work?

    Levitra should be taken 60 minutes before sexual activity as it typically takes 30-60 minutes to take action. However, this can vary from man to man and may act slightly differently each time that you take it. 

    The medicine should be taken orally by swallowing the tablet with water and it will then last in your system for up to 5 hours. The drug will be at its most potent though approximately an hour after taking it so this is the best time for planned sexual activity. However, it may be able to assist you with getting and maintaining an erection up to the fifth hour.

    How to get the best results from Levitra

    The way that Levitra works can depend on a number of factors including alcohol, diet and lifestyle. If you have any underlying health conditions or are taking any medicines
    (especially prescribed medicines) then this could minimise the effects of Levitra and your doctor may prescribe a higher strength. The 20mg strength is typically reserved for those who are older or who have other medical conditions.

    It’s also important to factor in lifestyle aspects when considering how Levitra works. Although alcohol can be taken with Levitra without any serious side effects, it is not recommended to binge drink when taking it. While a little moderate drinking shouldn’t affect how the drug works too much, it’s unlikely that Levitra will be able to assist with an erection after a night of heavy or binge drinking.

    Diet is another thing that can have an impact on how effective you find Levitra to be. Drugs that are taken orally are absorbed through the digestive system so it makes sense that anything else in there could slow down how quickly your body is able to process the medicine.

    When taking Levitra, it’s recommended to take it on an empty stomach or after a light meal. This is so the drug can be absorbed quickly and you can get the maximum benefit from it. If you have a heavy meal beforehand or one that is particularly high in fat then it may take considerably more time to kick in, or you may notice the effects aren’t quite as strong.

    How do I buy Levitra 20mg?

    Levitra is a prescription-only medicine so before being able to take it you will need to obtain a prescription. This can either be done by visiting your GP in person or by using a regulated UK online clinic like UK Meds.

    Firstly, you will need to complete the online consultation by answering some medical questions. This will then be reviewed by a qualified prescriber and if they approve your request then you’ll be able to get your Levitra delivered to your door the very next day.

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