Fisherman's Friend Fishermans Friend Original Lozenges 25g


Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges are the perfect companion for soothing sore throats and clearing nasal passages. Made with a unique blend of menthol and eucalyptus, these lozenges provide instant relief and a refreshing burst of flavour. Each 25g packet contains approximately 20 lozenges, making it convenient to carry in your pocket or purse. Trusted by fishermen worldwide for over 150 years, these lozenges are the go-to choice for quick and effective relief.

  • Soothing relief for sore throats.
  • Refreshing menthol flavor.
  • Longlasting cough suppressant.
  • Convenient and portable packaging.
  • Trusted brand for over 150 years.
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Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges are a renowned and time-tested remedy for soothing sore throats and congestion. These lozenges are made with a unique blend of menthol and eucalyptus, providing a refreshing and cooling sensation. They are specifically designed for use by individuals who are regularly exposed to harsh environmental conditions, such as fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts.

The powerful combination of menthol and eucalyptus in Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges helps to relieve coughs, clear nasal passages, and ease throat discomfort. The menthol acts as a mild local anesthetic, soothing the throat and reducing irritation. Eucalyptus, with its natural decongestant properties, helps to open up the airways, allowing for easier breathing.

Simply dissolve one Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenge slowly in your mouth as needed. Do not chew or swallow it whole. Allow the lozenge to dissolve gradually for maximum benefit. You can repeat this process every two to three hours if necessary.

Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges are generally well-tolerated. However, some individuals may experience a mild burning sensation or temporary numbness in the mouth or throat. This is a normal reaction to the menthol ingredient and should subside quickly. If you develop any severe allergic reactions or persistent side effects, please consult a healthcare professional.

Yes, you can conveniently purchase Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges online at UK Meds. UK Meds is a trusted online prescription service that offers a wide range of healthcare products, delivered straight to your doorstep. Take advantage of their fast and reliable shipping to enjoy the benefits of Fisherman's Friend Original Lozenges without leaving your home.

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