The result of over 30 years of research and development, Myrkl formulation, AB001™, is scientifically tested and proven. It includes only natural and vegan ingredients. Miracles truly can happen overnight..

Have you heard what Myrkl is used for? Everyone's raving about it!

‘They really are myrkls’ – The Daily Mail

‘An Act of God’ – The Telegraph

For the 10 capsule option, there will be 5 individual sachets, each with 2 capsules in them, making Myrkl perfect for popping in your handbag or wallet.

  • Take 2 capsules
  • 100% vegan ingredients
  • The result of 30 years of research and development
  • Cutting-edge, patented AB001 formula
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Myrkl Supplement

Myrkl has been developed with over 30 years of research and development behind it. Using cutting-edge science, Myrkl helps with the reduction of fatigue and tiredness. This medication contains the AB001 formula.

Myrkl is pronounced the same as miracle (mi·ruh·kl).

75% of  people who have tried Myrkl are satisfied with the results and would say that it works. Supplement absorption depends on many internal and external factors. But, when people are satisfied, they usually become hardcore fans. The key thing here is that you need to try it for yourself, the potential benefits are vast. Check out the reviews of Myrkl for yourself on Trust Pilot.

Myrkl Pill

The recommended dosage of Myrkl is two pills, to be taken with water. The design of the pill is acid resistant, this means that the medication is not absorbed into the body until it reaches the intestine.

Please note: Myrkl is not suitable for children under 18, pregnant or breastfeeding women. We recommend talking to your health professional if you are taking any medication, or have any medical conditions.

Please ensure that you store Myrkl in a cool and dry place, away from children's sight and reach. Kindly refrain from using Myrkl pills beyond the expiry date mentioned on the packaging.

The ingredients of Myrkl are as follows: Fermented rice bran, Vegan Capsule (Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose), L-Cysteine, Microcrystalline cellulose, Emulsifiers (Magnesium Stearate, Silicon Dioxide), Dextrin, Vitamin B12, Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus coagulans.

The product of over 30 years of research and development. Myrkl is also enriched with vitamin B12 which helps to reduce the effects of fatigue and tiredness.

Myrkl is a supplement and not a medicated product. It is unlikely you will experience any side effects, but we advise that you speak to your doctor if you have any concerns or experience any side effects.

You can buy a pack of 30 or 10 capsules of Myrkl from UK Meds. The 10 pack can only be bought EXCLUSIVELY online at UK Meds. The pack of 30 is a box containing blister packs with the capsules in them. The pack of 10 contains five individual sachets, each of which has two capsules. These are perfect for having in your pocket or handbag, so that you always have them to hand when you need them.

Buy Myrkl

Buy Myrkl Pills

You can purchase Myrkl online from UK Meds, one of the largest online clinics in the industry.

UK Meds offers next-day delivery (when you order before 4pm, Monday to Friday) on Myrkl capsules so you can get them delivered quickly, even for last-minute social events.

Myrkl Boots

Currently, Myrkl are not available at Boots. Luckily, should you need Myrkl supplements you can purchase them conveniently online right here at UK Meds!

A pack of 30 Myrkl pills costs £30. This means each capsule is only £1. If you would rather purchase a pack of 10 Myrkl pills, this will cost just £12.50 and the 10 pills come in 5 sachets, each with 2 pills in.


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Medical Reviewer

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