PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement 30 Capsules


PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement is a powerful probiotic that supports digestive health. Each capsule contains a unique strain of bacteria that has been scientifically proven to survive the harsh stomach environment and reach the gut alive. This high-quality supplement helps maintain a healthy balance of bacteria in the gut, promoting overall wellbeing. With 30 capsules per pack, it's an easy and convenient way to support your digestive system. Trust Alflorex for a happier gut!

  • Supports digestive health
  • Reduces bloating and discomfort
  • Restores natural balance of gut bacteria
  • Clinically proven effectiveness
  • Suitable for longterm use
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PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement is a high-quality probiotic that comes in the form of 30 capsules. It is specially formulated to support digestive health and promote a balanced gut flora.

PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement contains a unique strain of bacteria called 35624. This strain has been extensively researched and clinically tested to promote a healthy gut microbiome. When taken regularly, these capsules help restore and maintain a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria in the gut, supporting a healthy digestive system.

PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement offers a range of benefits for digestive health, including:

  • Promoting a balanced gut flora
  • Supporting digestive comfort
  • Helping to reduce bloating and flatulence
  • Restoring and maintaining a healthy gut microbiome

PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement is suitable for adults who wish to support their digestive health. Whether you experience occasional digestive discomfort or simply want to ensure a healthy gut, this supplement can be beneficial for you.

It is recommended to take one capsule of PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement daily. The capsule can be taken with or without food, and with a glass of water. For best results, it is advised to take the capsule at the same time each day.

PrecisionBiotics Alflorex Food Supplement can be conveniently purchased online at UK Meds. They offer secure and reliable delivery to your doorstep, ensuring you can easily access this high-quality probiotic supplement.

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