There are plenty of methods of contraception against pregnancy including the pill, the IUD and the coil. However, the only method that successfully protects against STI’s too is condoms, making it the favourite choice for many men and women. And while the female type is an option, most people opt for the male version.

Offering 98% effectiveness when used correctly, condoms protect you against pregnancy and STI’s, as well add stimulation and fun.

Durex Thin Feel - 12 Condoms
  • Effective protection against pregnancy
  • Protects against STI's
  • Thin feel for more sensation
Durex Thin Feel Intimate - 12 Condoms
  • Effective contraceptive method
  • Thinner feel for more sensitivity
  • Heavily lubricated
Durex Intense - 12 Condoms
  • Dotted and ribbed
  • Has added stimulating gel
  • Increases pleasure
Durex Pleasure Me - 12 Condoms
  • Specially designed for her pleasure
  • Ribbed and dotted
  • Protects against pregnancy and STI's
Durex Extra Safe - 12 Condoms
  • Thicker to provide more protection
  • Effective form of contraception
  • More lubricated for more enjoyment
Skins Extra Large - 12 Condoms
  • Extra length and girth
  • No latex smell
  • Extra lubrication
Skins Natural - 12 Condoms
  • Natural looking condoms
  • No latex smell
  • Friction free experience
Skins Dots & Ribs - 12 Condoms
  • Arousing ribs and stimulating dots
  • No latex smell
  • 0.5mm thinner than most condoms available
Skins Flavoured - 12 Condoms
  • Four sensuous flavours
  • Made from sugar free lubes
  • No latex smell
Skins Ultra Thin - 12 Condoms
  • Only 0.055mm thick
  • Clear and transparent
  • Mild vanilla scent
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    Condoms are a form of barrier contraception, that successfully protect against pregnancy and STI’s when used properly. Usually made of thin latex rubber, the sheath is worn on a man’s penis during sex. There are also female versions available but most people opt for the male one because of ease of use and range of choice.

    Creating a block between the skin and fluids of the penis and vagina, condoms prevent pregnancy by stopping any sperm from reaching an egg. They also ensure that no bodily fluids mix, which is how most STI’s are spread.

    When it comes to condoms, the choices are pretty much endless and it’s down to you and your partner to decide which is best for you. The standard kind are stretchy (so they fit pretty much all men) and lightly lubricated (for comfortable and enjoyable sex). And while the standard option will comfortably fit most men, there are also smaller options (labelled as ‘snug fit’) and larger options (labelled as ‘XL’) available.

    There are also various choices when it comes to the thickness of your condoms. The regular thickness has been proven to provide adequate protection, however some people may be particularly concerned and therefore choose an ‘extra safe’ style. These are slightly thicker and therefore less prone to breaking, however it’s important to remember to buy one of these styles if you are cautious, as wearing two condoms at the same time is not a wise idea. This actually creates added friction and can increase your risk of breakage.

    Of course, some people prefer to go the other way and choose ‘ultra-thin’ condoms, that increase sensitivity and sensation. In fact, there are a lot of ways that condoms can be designed to make sex more pleasurable. Some come with ribs or dots on the exterior to stimulate the woman, while others are enhanced with tingling, cooling or warming gels to help her speed up and him slow down.

    At the end of the day, sex is supposed to be fun, so as well as protecting you, there are some condoms that add a touch of playfulness. These include brightly coloured ones, glow in the dark ones and even flavoured ones (that are especially good for oral sex).

    Most people are taught how to use condoms as part of their sex education program at school, however, the task can still seem daunting or awkward to approach, especially to those with less experience. But using condoms doesn’t have to be tricky, and they are very simple to put on.

    Start by making sure that the foil packet is in no way damaged and that the condoms are in date (because they are made of rubber latex, they come with an expiry date). Open the foil and remove the condom, making sure that you are holding it the right way up; the rim should be on the outside so it looks like a little hat.

    Pinch the end of the condom, place it on the head of the penis and then unroll it down the shaft until you reach the base. Then you’re good to go! After sex, unroll to remove and then dispose of properly (in the rubbish bin, not down the toilet).

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