Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Erectile dysfunction (ED), also known as impotence, is the inability to get and maintain an erection. It’s a very common condition that can occur either mildly or completely, and as a general rule, it affects 10% of men for every decade of life. This means that around half of all men between the ages of 40 and 70 will have it to some degree. 

Our range of Erectile Dysfunction treatments offer effective results, whether you opt for a well-known brand or a cost-effective generic.

Viagra (Sildenafil)
  • Popular ED treatment
  • Lasts up to 5 hours
  • Works in 30-60 minutes
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Cialis (Tadalafil)
  • Lasts for 36 hours
  • Take 2 hours before sex
  • Allows for sexual spontaneity
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Cialis Daily (Tadalafil)
  • Designed to be taken daily
  • Allows for spontaneous sex
  • Brings sexual freedom
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Viagra Connect
  • Effective treatment for erectile dysfunction
  • Works for up to 3 hours
  • Gets to work in as little as 30 minutes
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Levitra (Vardenafil)
  • Lasts for up to 5 hours
  • Kicks in within 15-30 minutes
  • Suitable for those who may not be able to take other ED medicines
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Eropid (Sildenafil)
  • Contains Sildenafil
  • Can last up to 3 hours
  • Non-prescription medication
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  • Fastest acting ED medicine
  • Lasts up to 5 hours
  • Variety of doses available
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    Erectile dysfunction, also known as impotence and often referred to as ED, is a condition where a man can’t get and/or maintain an erection, be it due to physical, emotional or environmental factors. It’s a very common condition, particularly in older men, and it can be mild (where a man occasionally struggles to get and keep an erection) or complete (where a man is unable to get an erection at all)

    Despite its prevalence, many men still find it an embarrassing condition and one that they perhaps don’t want to talk about or delay getting treatment for. This can cause sexual and emotional frustration, especially since the cause is not always obvious.

    There are many factors that can cause impotence, the most common one being physical. This could possibly be down to an injury (to the penis or the spinal cord), or diseases such as Parkinson’s, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), or kidney disease. It can also be caused by physical factors that are affected by lifestyle. This includes high blood pressure, high cholesterol, obesity and diabetes.

    Erectile dysfunction can also be brought on by other medical treatments, such as that of cancer of the prostate and any number of other prescription drugs. If you do notice impotence after recently starting a new drug, then it’s possible that this is the cause and you may want to consult your doctor.

    Not all physical causes are out of your control though, with smoking, drinking alcohol and using drugs all being linked to experiencing ED. As well as physical causes, your hormones can also play a part in Erectile Dysfunction. If you have a hormone disorder or low levels of testosterone, you could also notice symptoms of impotence.

    Although it may surprise some people, there are also plenty of mental and emotional factors that could be contributing towards your Erectile Dysfunction. This ranges from serious issues like suffering with depression, stress or anxiety, to the more mundane like having relationship problems or struggling with low self-esteem. Feeling guilty or having difficulty with communication can play big roles in causing impotence so it’s worth trying to work through any emotional issues if you notice symptoms or problems.

    When it comes to treatment, there are plenty of options that you can try. The first port of call would be to make some lifestyle changes; exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy diet and limiting alcohol intake are good places to start. If these make no difference then you should consider medication.

    There are plenty of medications available for Erectile Dysfunction, with all of them boasting their own set of benefits. The most widely-known one is Viagra (or the generic Sildenafil), which gets to work in just 30 minutes and lasts for 4-5 hours. There is also Cialis (or the generic Tadalafil) which has earned its nickname of ‘the weekend drug’ thanks to its 36 hour window of effectiveness. These drugs get to work by increasing the blood flow to the penis, helping you to achieve and maintain an erection. With a wide range available on UK Meds, you have plenty to choose from. And the doctor’s service at UK Meds can help you work out which one to go for, based on what best suits your individual needs.

    If your doctor has told you that the usual medications are not suitable for you (because they aren’t compatible with existing health conditions or other prescription medicines, for example), then you could consider a vacuum constriction device (VCD). This small pump works in very much the same way as the drugs; by increasing blood flow in the penis. However, with this pump, it’s done externally, rather than internally.

    What Is Viagra?

    One of the most popular erectile dysfunction medications is Viagra. You can buy Viagra and it's generic version Sildenafil here at UK Meds. Viagra should be taken from between one and four hours before you are intending to have sex.

    What is Cialis?

    Cialis is a popular ED medication because it can give a man the freedom to have sex within a 36 hour timeframe. You can buy Cialis from UK Meds, along with other popular ED medicines. The generic version of Cialis is known as Tadalafil.

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