Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish 7.5ml


Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish 7.5ml is your ultimate solution for nail biting habits. This UK-made nail varnish is formulated with a bitter taste to discourage nail biting, thumb sucking, and cuticle biting. The small 7.5ml bottle is perfect for on-the-go use, ensuring you have it whenever the urge strikes. With its long-lasting formula, you can achieve healthier, longer nails in no time. Say goodbye to nail biting and hello to beautiful nails with Stop 'n Grow.

  • Prevents nail biting habit
  • Safe and nontoxic formula
  • Easy to apply and remove
  • Deters thumb sucking
  • Promotes healthier nails
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Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish is a specially formulated nail varnish designed to help individuals break the habit of nail biting. It has a bitter taste that discourages nail biting, promoting healthier and longer nails.

The nail varnish has a strong, bitter taste that makes nail biting an unpleasant experience. By applying the varnish to your nails, the taste acts as a deterrent, helping to break the habit over time. The bitter taste is safe but highly effective in discouraging nail biting.

The nail varnish dries quickly and forms a lasting barrier on your nails. The taste remains unpleasant even after the varnish has dried, providing a long-lasting discouragement to nail biting. However, individual results may vary.

Yes, Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish is safe to use. It is specially formulated for nail application and the bitter taste is harmless if ingested in small amounts. However, it is recommended to avoid ingestion and to keep out of reach of children.

You can purchase Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish online at UK Meds, a trusted online prescription service that delivers across the UK. Visit their website and search for "Stop 'n Grow Anti-Biting Nail Varnish" to place your order conveniently.

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