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Marvelon is an oral contraceptive or combined pill formulated to prevent pregnancy for women. It offers the added benefits of easing menstrual cramping, heavy menstrual flow and can regulate the irregular menstrual cycle. It has been clinically proven that this contraceptive can do the job 99% of the time.

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Purchasing Marvelon is made simple and easy online. It eliminates the need for scheduling and going to doctor's clinics.

How to buy Marvelon online?

Marvelon can prevent pregnancy 99% of the time. It is prescribed to be taken ONE tablet once a day for 21 consecutive days and following it, a seven-day break is necessary. In addition to its main benefit, Marvelon can also help women by easing menstrual cramping, decreasing the flow and in making irregular periods become regular.

There are two options for purchasing Marvelon online – getting it in a three-month packet or the six-month one.

What is Marvelon?

Marvelon, as a combined contraceptive pill, can be as much as 99% effective in terms of pregnancy prevention. It can also have the following benefits:

  • Regulates the menstrual cycle, making it on time
  • Easing the heavy menstrual flow
  • Minimize the menstrual cramps

Marvelon should be taken during the first day of the period and it will have an immediate effect.

How does Marvelon work?

Marvelon is formulated with synthetic hormones mimicking the effects of oestrogen and progestogen. Marvelon contains ethinylestradiol which serves as the synthetic oestrogen and desogestrel which serves as the progestogen. Both of the chemicals work to mimic the menstrual cycle and mainly works in the prevention of pregnancy.

The prevention happens in three ways. First is by tricking the body. Here, the body will think that the ovulation has passed and thus, this will lead to a low amount of egg cells produced and released. Next, if egg cells are produced, the womb lining is altered in such a way that the egg cells will be unable to attach to it. Lastly, the cervical fluids are thickened making it difficult for the sperm cells to reach the egg cells and thus, encounter difficulty in fertilizing it.

How to take Marvelon?

The advantage of using contraceptive pills in preventing pregnancy is due to its ease of use. However, it is important to follow the proper prescription in consuming the pill:

  • This contraceptive pill is available in three or six blister packs
  • One pack has 21 pills, which are taken in the course of the menstrual cycle or about 28 days
  • Take one pill a day for 21 consecutive days on regular basis. Be consistent about the time you take the pill because inconsistencies in time can make the pill less efficient.
  • After taking the pills for 21 consecutive days, there is a need for seven-day break and it is possible for women to experience withdrawal bleed, which is similar to a period
  • After that break period, it is not recommended to take the next pack.


Marvelon is formulated with 150mcg ethinylestradiol and 30mcg desogestrel and comes in packs for three-or six-month supplies. This formulation has been proven to be effective and has minimal side effects.

Side effects and precautions

It is very unlikely for side effects to occur with Marvelon, but it is still possible. Most of the side effects are manageable and temporary. The typical side effects of this contraceptive include breast tenderness, nausea/vomiting, headaches and possible changes in sex drive. Every blister pack of this pill comes with in-depth information about it, including the side effects.

However, there are precautions to take when consuming of Marvelon. Avoid using this pill if you have the following:

  • Underwent surgery recently
  • Have given birth in the last six years
  • Have blood clotting in the veins or lungs
  • Heart valve disease/Angina
  • History of Heart attack
  • Heartbeats that are irregular
  • History of high blood pressure
  • Severe case of diabetes
  • History of high cholesterol
  • Diagnosed with obesity
  • Diagnosed with breast cancer
  • History of Stroke

A noteworthy thing to remember is that contraceptive pills, including Marvelon, cannot safeguard you against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Additional measures should be taken to prevent STIs.