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Microgynon is a contraceptive pill manufactured by Bayer. The medication prevents unwanted pregnancy within a 28-day cycle. Aside from this, there are other physical benefits that you can gain from taking this pill without consistently. Most of these benefits are related to the discomforts that your regular menstrual cycle brings.

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What is Microgynon?

Microgynon 30 is a combined oral contraceptive pill ('the Pill'). You take it to stop you getting pregnant. This contraceptive contains two types of female sex hormones, oestrogen and progestogen. Consumers and users now can buy Micogynon online. The medication comes in 150 mcg/ 30mcg dose. This is just the right dose of the medication that medical and health experts advice. The pill can be ordered on the internet in two options. The first contains 63 tablets which is good for about 84 days. The second option comes in 126 pills. This covers 168 days. Ordering your pills through the internet allows you to obtain these tablets without the hassle of visiting your doctor. Another advantage of taking Microgynon is it treats symptoms brought about by pre-menstrual cycle, endometriosis and huge volumes of menstruation fluid. You can re-order additional pills through the internet with just a few clicks.

This highly dependable and scientifically proven method of contraception is widely available on the internet for consumers. Every purchase is dealt with utmost confidentiality. Upon going through a web-based consultation, you can get your pills and have it delivered to your door on the very next day. Most delivery services are free or have minimal charges. These pills are covered in generic packaging. 

Microgynon 30

The medication comes in another name – Microgynon 30. It is a highly dependable non-pregnancy tablet that is taken on a per day basis. There are two major ingredients in this pill. These are levonorgestrel and ethinyl estradiol. It prevents pregnancy by stopping the ovulation cycle. In the process, it also thins out the lining of the uterus which makes it practically impossible for an egg cell to latch on. It also causes the cervical liquid to thicken making it more difficult for sperm cells to penetrate and reach the egg cell. It is a form of oral medication taken in 150 mcg/ 30 mcg dosage.

The correct way of taking Microgynon is to take it in accordance with your period’s first day. The pill will provide you the most dependable manner of protection against unwanted pregnancy throughout the world. Clinical results have shown that the medication is almost 100% effective in doing such. This means that women are more protected when using this tablet. For women who experience menstrual cramps and endometriosis, Microgynon provides the necessary relief from the pain these conditions cause.

The medicine

Microgynon 30 (ethinylestradiol and levonorgestrel)

About Microgynon 30

Each box of Microgynon 30 contains three strips of 21 tablets. Each tablet contains 150 micrograms of the progestogen levonorgestrel, and 30 micrograms of the oestrogen ethinylestradiol.

How do I take Microgynon 30?

Take one tablet every day for 21 days. Start your next strip after 7 pill-free days. Always read the patient information leaflet before taking the pill. If you miss a pill, the information leaflet will tell you what to do.

Are there any other contraceptive methods?

Long-acting reversible contraceptive methods such as implants, contraceptive injections or an intrauterine device (IUD) can be more effective and more convenient than the pill for some women. Unlike condoms, the pill doesn't reduce your risk of getting an STI.

How do I obtain an ongoing supply?

If you’ve already bought your pill from us, you can order a further 3 or 6 month supply from your Patient Record if the doctor finds you suitable. After logging in, go to the list of Suggested Treatments to find your pill. If you want to change your pill, please send a message to your doctor via your Patient Record.

Please note that combined contraceptives can cause your blood pressure to rise, which can be dangerous. Your blood pressure needs to checking before starting any combined contraceptive, and also within the first 3 months of taking it and once a year after that. Your local LloydsPharmacy will measure your blood pressure for free.

How does Microgynon work?

The reliability of Microgynon is based on the three ways it keeps you protected from pregnancy. The active ingredients in the pills work to stop the ovulation period in your system. These ingredients are progestogen (or levonorgestrel) and oestrogen (ethinyl estradiol). The second way is when it causes the cervical liquid to thicken making it almost impossible for sperm cells to fertilize egg cells. Lastly, it causes the lining of the uterus to thin out making it impossible for an egg cell to embed itself, in the event that an ovary released one.

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How to take Microgynon?

Below is a detailed instructional on how to take the pills correctly:

  • You have to take the first pill at the same day when your menstrual cycle begins. You have to take the rest of the 21 pills at the same time as you took your first pill.
  • The pill is classified as monophasic. This means that you cannot take this pill with another contraceptive medication for the whole cycle.
  • One blister pack contains 21 tablets to be taken once a day. After this, you have to go on a 7 day rest.
  • During the 7 day rest, you will still receive continued protection against pregnancy.


The contraceptive medication is for sale online in 150 mcg / 30 mcg dosage. These come in 2 packages. The first contains 63 pills. The other includes 126 tablets.