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Vaniqa is among the most relied upon medical treatments that deal with overabundance of facial hair on women. A topical cream is spread over the afflicted area of the skin. This causes a significant reduction of facial hair.

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What is Vaniqa?

Vaniqa (eflornithine) interferes with a chemical in hair follicles under the skin, which slows hair growth where the medicine is applied. This cream is used to reduce unwanted facial hair in women. It does not permanently remove facial hair or prevent hair growth.

Vaniqa (eflornithine hydrochloride) Cream, 13.9% is a prescription medication applied to the skin for the reduction of unwanted facial hair in women. Usage should be limited to the face and adjacent involved areas under the chin of affected individuals.

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You can buy Vaniqa online through First you have to undergo an online consultation with an accredited physician. The doctor will look into your medical history and see if you are fit to take the medication. You now can place your order by filling out the online form. You will receive your medication on the next working day.

How does Vaniqa work?

In treating the condition called hirsutism, the active ingredient in Vaniqa, eflornithine targets the enzyme called ornithine decarboxylase. This is the enzyme that is responsible for hair growth and can be found in follicles. Eflornithine controls this purpose of the enzyme. As a result, growth is considerably reduced. It also slows down the development of new hair.

The cream may take a long time before it starts to yield results. For this reason, it is advisable to apply the cream for about 8 weeks at least. If you see no results after 4 months, please consult your physician about it.

How to apply Vaniqa?

The medicated cream is layered onto the affected skin portion of the face thinly two times a day. It can be on the cheeks, chin, or the space under the nose. The two applications should have at least an eight hour gap. The skin must be cleaned and dry. Reduce the application to only once if you notice some sensitivity on your skin. If you see some change, advice your doctor about it.

Wait five minutes before you apply makeup or sunscreen. Remember to wash your hands before and after application. Vaniqa is strictly for facial use only.

Vaniqa is one of the most popular brands of hair removal cream on the market, and NAIR's fiercest competitor. If you're considering these hair removal creams as a means of getting rid of facial hair, here's everything you need to know about this hair removal cream for your face. The chemical components in the cream block the production of an enzyme named ornithine decarboxylase--or ODC. In order for your skin to produce new hair cells, it needs this ODC enzyme in order to produce the polyamines that cause rapid cell growth. Without the enzyme, your skin is unable to produce the new cells. The Vaniqa cream helps to block the ODC enzyme, thereby slowing the growth of strands.

In a number of studies, more than 600 participants used the eflornithine cream to remove facial hair. The cream was applied twice per day over the course of 24 weeks. At the end of the test period, 70% of those applying the chemical cream showed signs of hair reduction, compared to just 41% of those using the placebo. Not only was overall presence reduced, but growth rate was also reduced by as much as 35%.

Side effects and precautions

The usual side effects of Vaniqa include rash, itchiness, dry skin and acne. These usually go away naturally. However, if symptoms persist or more serious side effects appear, please consult your doctor.