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Lescol is a medical treatment classified as a statin drug which is used to treat patients with high cholesterol levels. It falls under HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor that helps decrease the chances of a patient falling victim to health issues pertaining to the cardiovascular system.

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How to buy Lescol online?

Lescol can be ordered through the internet by logging onto ukmeds.co.uk website. You only have to complete an online consultation service with an accredited doctor. If he sees you fit to take the medication, you can proceed to ordering your Lescol by filling out the online form. You can have your stock delivered to any address of your choice.

What is Lescol?

Lescol is a medicine brand that contains the active ingredient called fluvastatin sodium. It falls under the statin classification. These medicines are taken to lower bad cholesterol levels. This is done when the active ingredient suppresses the actions of an enzyme that causes the production of LDL cholesterol.

Fluvastatin is the generic form of Lescol. Clinical results show that this medical treatment has displayed great effect in lowering the LDL cholesterol count. This action is highly important in reducing the chances of patients from developing conditions that affect the cardiovascular system.

How does Lescol work?

There are two types of cholesterol, the low-density-lipoprotein or the ‘bad’, and the high-density-lipoprotein or the ‘good’. The reason for these labels is that the LDL cholesterol causes blocks in the bloodstreams like arteries and veins. This narrows the path of the blood which could lead to serious consequences like coronary heart disease or atherosclerosis.

Lescol focuses its attention in stopping or at least reducing the production of LDL cholesterol. It does this by suppressing the actions done by the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme. With the consumption of Lescol, reduced amounts of bad cholesterol are produced by the enzyme.

How to take Lescol?

Doctors usually advice their patients to take their Lescol dose at night time. The best time would right before going to bed. This is the time when the enzyme HMG-Coa reductase is at hyperactive mode. The medication is ingested as whole and assisted by a full glass of water. You can take the medication either on a full or empty stomach.


The medication is available in two dosages. These are 20 and 40 mg.

Side effects and precautions

The common side effects include nausea, headaches, indigestion, stomach ache, and insomnia. Rare side effects include muscle aches and weakness, skin sensitivity, a variety of inflammation, loss of memory, insomnia, low libido levels, and depression.