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Lubricants are products, usually either oil, water or silicone based, used during sexual acts to reduce friction and increase pleasure. This includes solo acts, such as masturbation, and mutual acts, such as sexual intercourse and there are many different kinds available to choose from.

At UK Meds, we stock a variety of options so that you can get the lubricant (also known as lube) that’s right for you.

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Sex Lube / Vaginal Lubricants

During sex, a woman's vagina will naturally produce lubrication that assists in making sex a pleasurable experience. This happens naturally as a woman becomes aroused sexually. If this natural lubrication is not enough, artificial lube such as sex lube can be used. By using sex lubricant, sex can be more enjoyable and comfortable for both partners.

Vaginal lubricants are used during sex to increase pleasure and ability by reducing friction. Despite popular opinion that these are used exclusively to counteract vaginal dryness (often experienced by postmenopausal women), they are actually popular among men and women of all ages.

Vaginal dryness is a condition that affects women at any age, due to a hormone imbalance, and lube is on hand to help to relieve this. It can also be a result of stress, anxiety, and certain medications, so it’s not always an ongoing problem, but sometimes an ad-hoc thing. It’s not just women who can use lubricants to help with other conditions though. Men who suffer with erectile dysfunction can make use of it because it increases pleasure and can help a man keep an erection for longer.

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Lubricant is not just a “fix” for problems though. Lots of healthy couples use lubricants to increase the amount of pleasure involved in sex, especially since women require more stimulation than men do. It can feel better for women by adding moisture, and it can feel better for men by protecting the delicate skin and enhancing pleasure.

When choosing a lubricant, there are lots of different types to consider. A lot of people turn to non-specifically-sexual products such as baby oil, Vaseline and massage oil, with some even using unusual products like butter or vegetable oil. Although these products may have the desired effect, they also contain any number of ingredients that could lead to irritation, damage to condoms and conditions like thrush. Saliva is a popular choice; natural, free and easy to get your hands on. However, it’s actually just wet rather than slippery, so it’s not massively effective.

Your best bet is to choose a sex lube that has been specifically designed with sex in mind, as all the ones in our range at UK Meds have. First up, you have your water-based lubricants, which are versatile and suitable for all people and all kinds of sexual activity (including for use on sex toys). They are safe for use on latex condoms and are incredibly convenient because they don’t stain and are the easiest to wash off after use.

Next, there are oil-based personal lubricants. These are thicker in texture and offer a more luxurious feel, plus they are longer-lasting. The downside is that they can cause condoms to break, meaning you may put yourself at risk of STI’s and/or pregnancy. In the final main category, you have silicone-based sex lubricant, which are the longest lasting of them all. They are safe to use with condoms, they can be very moisturising and they even work well in water. The only thing you need to be careful of is the fact they can’t be used with silicone sex toys because they damage them.

Once you’ve found a sex lubricant that works best for you, there are also multiple options in terms of flavours, tingling sensations and any cooling or warming element. Just be careful when using sex lube for the first time, as you could be allergic and the genital region is not somewhere you want any burning or itching.

Is water-based lubricant sperm friendly?

Generally, yes, water-based lubricants are considered to be sperm friendly. You can read more into the details why in our dedicated blog exploring the question 'Is water-based lubricant sperm friendly?'.

Google Web Story: Is water-based lubricant sperm friendly?

You can also check out our Google Web Story below providing a visual explanation of why water-based lubricants are generally sperm friendly:


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