Babystart Female Test Kit Bundle

  • Designed for females to test their fertility
  • Includes ovulation, fertility, and pregnancy tests
  • Perfect for females
4.6 out of 5 - 15727 reviews
With the Babystart Female Test Kit Bundle, you will be receiving every kind of test a woman may need in order to get a better understanding of her fertility. Babystart tests will cover issues with fertility, as well as providing important information such as ovulation times. We also provide Babystart pregnancy tests that provide an early indication of successful conception.
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    The Babystart Female Test Kit Bundle has everything a woman needs in order to fully test her fertility levels, as well as other things such as ovulation and potential pregnancy. Containing three products of the highest quality, this bundle is ideal for a woman that is wanting to get to grips with her fertility. 

    What is included in the Babystart Female Test Kit Bundle?

    Babystart Pregnancy Tests are designed to detect an increase in the hCG hormone level in female urine, a common indicator of pregnancy. These tests are 99% accurate, and can even provide a result as early as seven days prior to sexual intercourse. 

    FertilTime is a test that has been developed so that a woman can discover the best two days for her to have unprotected sexual intercourse in order to conceive a child. The test detects an increase in the LH hormone which is a strong indicator of ovulation. This will allow the tester to adapt her sexual activity around the appropriate days.

    FertilCheck tests are designed in order for a female to detect whether or not she has any issues with her fertility. The test works by detecting whether there is a change in the FSH levels in a woman’s urine. This can be an indication that she may have a reduced ovarian reserve, a common indicator of infertility.

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