Can kegel exercises for men improve sexual performance?

24th January 2020

For men suffering from erectile dysfunction, there are medications such as Viagra which can be beneficial and allow for the enjoyment of sex again. However, what if you are younger and not suffering from ED? If you wish to improve your sex life and performance, there is an exercise that can help. It's called the kegel exercise, which strengthens the pelvic floor muscles necessary for prime sexual performance and function.

Improve blood flow to the penis

Many people have heard of this exercise and believe it is only for women. It can also be of benefit to men. Kegel exercises can help improve the volume and pressure of blood flowing to the penis and surrounding areas, making erections easier to achieve and maintain. Greater blood flow means greater stamina, and will give the look of a larger penis due to stronger erections.

Intense climaxes

Regularly performing Kegels can also help men experience more satisfying, intense climaxes. The pelvic floor muscles maintain control over the flow of semen, so strengthening them will improve control over ejaculation and may eliminate the issue of premature ejaculation.

If you are having a problem with premature ejaculation, there are medications that can also help. Priligy is a tablet that can help you keep control over your ejaculation. Consider using it if Kegel exercises do not do the trick in helping you prevent premature ejaculation.

Additional benefits

The exercises will also have benefits outside the bedroom. Many men have difficulty maintaining a steady flow of urine, or experience what is known as a post-micturition dribble. This is a condition which causes a slow leak of urine after a man has gone to the toilet, and can become an embarrassing issue if not addressed. While these may be issues more common in older males, starting a kegel routine in younger years can prevent many urinary issues from ever developing.

Pelvic floor muscles

Actually performing kegel exercises is very simple, once the correct muscles are found. The kegel actually involves different muscles of the pelvic floor group. The easiest way to isolate these muscles is to actively stop the flow of urine. The muscles required to stop urination in mid-flow are the same muscles that will improve male sexual performance.

Secondary muscles improved

It is important not to use secondary muscles, like the abs or the glutes, since these will diminish the positive effects. Breathing should remain relaxed and controlled, with no breath-holding or straining. Some people find it easier to start out laying on their backs to take gravity out of the equation and to progress to standing as the feeling becomes more natural.

Once the muscles have been identified, strengthening them is simple. They should be contracted, as if the flow of urine is being stopped, and held for as long as possible. At first, this might be quite difficult, and the contraction may only be held for a few seconds. With practice, the length of contraction can be increased. Once the correct technique has been established, kegel exercises should not be performed during urination, as this can lead to urinary issues over time.

The best thing about kegel exercises is that they can be done practically anywhere. Exercises can be performed in a meeting, at the pub or simply when you're sitting around at home watching TV. Nobody will know, and increased confidence and stamina in the bedroom will be well on its way.

Improved sexual performance

While doing exercises can help prepare the body for improved sexual performance, they can also help men during sex. Once the ability to hold a kegel contraction for at least ten to fifteen seconds has been established, men can attempt to perform a kegel to delay ejaculation. As the sensation emerges, the kegel should be initiated and held for as long as possible, until the feeling subsides. Such control will take practice but is certainly possible thanks to Kegel exercises.