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    Erectile Dysfunction
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    Do you need a prescription for Levitra?

    Men suffering from erectile dysfunction may feel alone in the issue but it’s actually extremely common. And thankfully, there are a number of different medications that are available to treat it, including ViagraCialis, Spedra and Levitra. But which ones require a prescription and which ones can you buy over the counter?

    Do you need a prescription for Levitra?

    Yes, Levitra is a prescription-only medication so you will need to be prescribed it in order to take it. It’s available in a number of different strengths, with the 5mg option normally being the one that you’d start one, the 10mg option being the one that suits most people and the 20mg option being required for those men who are older or have underlying health or medical conditions.

    Levitra is often preferred over other ED drugs because it’s extremely well tolerated and has fewer side effects. People who have had side effects with Viagra or Cialis often end up swapping to Levitra and then find that side effects are no longer a problem. However, Levitra is slightly more expensive, although there is a generic Vardenafil option which is more cost-effective.

    Do you need a prescription for Cialis?

    Again, Cialis is prescription-only medication so it must be prescribed by a doctor or other qualified medical profession before you can take it.

    Cialis is nicknamed the “weekend pill” because it has a window of effectiveness of 36 hours. So if you were to take the tablet on Friday night, it could assist with sex all the way through until Sunday. This is much longer than the 4-5 hour window that all of the other ED drugs have and so it allows for more flexability and spontaneity in your sex life.

    If you are finding that even that doesn’t satisfy your needs in terms of spontaneous sex then you may be better suited to Cialis Daily. This is simply a lower strength tablet that instead of taking once before you plan to have sex, you take one tablet at the same time every day. This maintains a low dose of the medicine in your body so that it can assist you with getting and maintaining an erection at any time.

    Video Guide: What Is Cialis Daily?

    Both Cialis and Cialis Daily are prescription-only and they are both available as the generic Tadalafil which can be a lot more cost effective, especially if you’re on the version that you take every day.

    Do you need a prescription for Viagra?

    Viagra started off as a prescription-only medication and the normal variation still requires a prescription. However, there is also an option called Viagra Connect, which is available over the counter in pharmacies, without the need for a prescription.

    Your pharmacist will still ask a few questions to make sure it’s suitable, but you don’t need to be prescribed the medicine by a doctor. You can get Viagra Connect from either your high street pharmacy or from an online clinic like UK Meds.

    Simply answer a few health questions, choose your delivery method (next day delivery is available) and then wait for your medicine to be shipped to you in discreet and unbranded packaging.

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