How to Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

4th May 2022

Summer is fast approaching, and with it comes the urge to set out your lounger, put your feet up, and soak in some rays. Due to the nature of the weather in the UK, there is never a guarantee of sunny weather even in the summer, but it is still important to ensure that your skin is fully prepared for the extra strain it may feel. The sun is dangerous, and sun damage can lead to serious health conditions if it is not treated with respect. 

The start of British summertime is the 21st of June, this is when the weather should be at its hottest. Due to many different factors, the weather in recent years is as hot as it has ever been. Of the top five hottest temperatures ever recorded in the UK, two have been from the last four years. On average, we are getting more sun than ever, which is why taking the relevant precautions is as important as it ever has been. In this article, we will provide you with the information you need in order to be best prepared, as well as other skin care techniques you can use during the summer.

How to get your skin ready for summer

If you are preparing yourself for a summer full of sun, you may be wondering how you can ensure that your skin is as best prepared as it can be. Thankfully, there are things that you can do to ensure you not only avoid damaging your skin in the sun, but you may even increase the chances of getting a healthy tan, safely. Some tips we recommend are:

  • Apply SPF products every day

This may sound strange, but applying an SPF product to your skin every day will not only ensure you are protected for that day, but it will also help to rejuvenate your skin in preparation for sun exposure. Even though it may not seem like it because of the weather, your skin is exposed to the sun every day, even during days of bad weather. 

During the summer, or when your skin is exposed to the sun, you will notice that your skin is much oilier than usual. When your skin is oily, you are much more prone to acne breakouts. It is important to get into the routine of keeping your skin hydrated, without using particularly oily products. This makes it much easier to care for your skin in the summer if you are already in this routine.

  • Make sure to exfoliate

When you exfoliate, you remove old skin or dead skin that could have been leftover from the winter. By entering the summer with freshly exfoliated skin, you are helping to prepare your skin to handle heat and humidity. You should look to exfoliate at least once a week in order to remove dead skin cells, oil, or dirt from your skin. Having healthy skin will also help with the appearance of your tan as the skin will look fresher and healthier.

  • Drink plenty of water

When you are exposed to heat or humidity, your body will sweat in order to cool itself. To replenish the liquid that is lost through sweating you should make sure that you are remaining hydrated throughout the day. By remaining hydrated you are also helping to keep your skin healthy. Healthy, hydrated skin is more likely to remain healthy after being exposed to the sun, however, you will still need to take relevant precautions such as regular application of sun cream.

  • Train your skin using sunbeds

If you are going to be going on holiday, or if you know that you are going to be exposed to high levels of UV for long periods of time, you may consider using a sunbed in order to get your skin used to the UV. By using a sunbed for short amounts of time whilst taking the appropriate precautions, your skin will be more prepared to handle UV rays from the sun. Sunbeds also need to be treated with care. Overexposure to UV rays on a sunbed can be just as harmful as overexposure to UV rays from the sun.

How to moisturise dry skin in the summer

During the summer it is easy for your skin to become dry. A common signal of sun damage is the drying of your skin. If your skin feels rough to the touch, if it feels tight, or if it looks red and burnt, your skin will need to be moisturised in order to rejuvenate it. Thankfully, you can reverse the damage done to your skin by the sun. If you have been in the sun for a long period of time, using an aloe vera based after sun product on your skin is great for helping with symptoms of sun damage. Aloe vera will moisturise the skin, and prevent effects such as peeling. 

If you have been exposed to the sun long enough for your skin to dry out, the chances are you will also need to rehydrate. Drinking water will rehydrate you and your skin. When your skin is hydrated, its elasticity will be restored. Dry skin will often feel tight and uncomfortable. This is due to the fact that it is lacking moisture. By rehydrating, you will also be moisturising your skin. Of course, you should always try to never let your skin get to the stage where it needs rejuvenating. The sun can be very dangerous, and protecting your skin should be imperative and at the forefront of your mind whilst you enjoy the summer weather. To properly protect yourself, you should make sure you are using a good sun cream that will appropriately protect you. You should also make sure that you are regularly reapplying the sun cream once every two hours whilst you are sat in the sun. The sun is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious health conditions including skin cancer.