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    How to select an online pharmacy

    It is crucial when ordering medication online that you buy from a legitimate UK government registered pharmacy. The risk is in purchasing meds that are not real or pure, or being scammed and not receiving the product you ordered. To protect consumers, there are validations, offered by the UK government, which lets you know if you are dealing with a real pharmacy. It should go without saying that any online clinic that is properly authorized to sell medication to people in the UK will not sell medication which requires a prescription, without one (whether that's an existing one, or one that they are able to provide you with). 

    How to get a prescription online

    You can, however, order medication from an online clinic without an existing prescription if they have an online prescription service. UK Meds has real prescribers ready to assist you in obtaining a prescription online, from the convenience of your home. You will be prompted to use our online service as you attempt to check out with any medication which requires a prescription. You can use the following steps to verify that you are dealing with a legitimate online clinic that can operate in the UK legally.

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    Check with

    The MHRA website allows you to search the UK Government's "Online medicines seller registry". By checking this website, you can see the name of the company authorized to sell medication online, as well as the domain name which is authorized. By doing so, you will see that is registered to sell prescription-only medications in the UK. Any legitimate pharmacy that is operating online in the UK should be able to produce the same kind of link. The information on the page they link to should reflect their domain name, as well as their business name. Make certain the listed domain name matches the domain you are shopping from.

    Online reviews

    UK Meds uses Feefo to manage honest reviews from the buying public, where we pride ourself with a rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars. You can verifiy our reviews here. Any online clinic you use should be able to produce evidence of reviews that are managed from unbiased 3rd party review-tracking websites, such as Trust Pilot. The only way you can know whether reviews provided by a seller are legitimate is when they are listed through a 3rd party review tracking website.

    Proper handling of prescription-only purchases

    Any legitimate online clinic will require a prescription for prescription-only medication. They will also need your medical history and your doctor's contact information, from a doctor who has seen you in person. In cases where you do not have a prescription, getting one from an online service is a good option. UK Meds has free prescriptions offered by our prescribers. They will screen you for your medical history as well as ask you questions to determine whether a particular medicine is appropriate for you. Online clinics who do not follow the above steps are breaking the law and cannot be trusted will your wellbeing. While it may be tempting to buy a prescription-only medication without getting the prescription, an online clinic willing to cut corners with prescriptions may be a scam or offering illegitimate medication.

    How ordering from an online clinic should work

    At UK Meds, our medications are 100% genuine and sourced within the UK. We stock the leading brands, as well as generics that can save you money. We don't have any hidden costs, the price you see is the price you pay. We offer free online consultations by independent prescribers who are registered with the General Pharmaceutical Council. They will review your medical history to help determine whether your selected medication is right for you. They will contact you if they have any questions. Once your order that requires a prescription is cleared, it will be mailed to you via overnight shipping most days of the week. If we are unable to process your order, we will communicate this to you (as well as release any funds you paid for the medication). We will explain why the medication was not approved and refund the balance to your card. In summary, if you are dealing with a real online clinic, they should be able to provide the proofs listed above. 

    With a variety of treatments for a vast number of condition, we pride ourself on being the UK's favourite online clinic. If you are suffering from an ongoing condition or need a one-off treatment, browse our website to see if we could help you.

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