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    Erectile Dysfunction
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    Penis health facts

    There are many interesting facts about the penis that you may not be aware of. If you are concerned with penis health, it is helpful to learn more about penises in general. Here are 10 facts you may not know about the penis.

    Smoking can hurt

    A lot of men don’t know that smoking can have an effect on their penises. However, the fact is that smoking is not only bad for other parts of the body, but it can also shorten the length of the penis. This is due to the decreased blood flow caused by smoking. Giving up tobacco products can have great effects on many parts of the body and is worth the extra effort, especially for men who are concerned about penis length.

    Alcohol can hurt

    Just as stress can have a negative effect on the penis, alcohol can, too. Consuming too much alcohol can be bad for penis health. Drinking too much alcohol is bad for the body in general, so limiting how much alcohol is consumed can be great for men’s overall health.

    Erection issues

    Some penises get longer during erections. Other penises look large all of the time, so they don’t seem to get much bigger during erections. There is nothing wrong with either type of erection. If you are unable to maintain an erection long enough to have intercourse, consider using erectile dysfunction medication such as Viagra. Other pills to consult with your doctor regarding are Levitra or you can buy Cialis.

    Average size

    Many men are concerned about how they size up to others. The average size of an erect penis is somewhere between five and six inches. However, there are men who have shorter or longer penises, too. In general, it is nearly impossible to make the penis larger than it already is, though you can make it stiffer and more erect with ED meds like Viagra.

    Ejaculation information

    When a man ejaculates, he usually ejaculates about 1.5 teaspoons of semen. It is not normal to experience pain when ejaculating. If it is painful when you ejaculate, or if your semen is tinged yellow, consider visiting the doctor to test whether you are suffering from a urinary tract infection or other conditions.

    How it hangs

    The average flaccid penis is 9.16 cm (3.61 inches) in length; the average erect penis is 13.12 cm (5.16 inches) long. Many men are concerned about the way their penises hang. Penises tend to bend or hang to one side or the other. Most penises do not hang straight down.

    Controlling the penis

    Men do not have as much control over the penis as they do over other body parts. A lot of men have probably had experience with this issue in the past, but the fact is that the brain doesn’t have as much control over the penis as some men may have believed. This makes trying to calm down an erection very difficult if not completely out of a man’s control. However, if you are having difficulty actually achieving an erection, consider using ED drugs to help get yourself an erection long enough to enjoy sex.

    Get rid of stress

    Stress can also affect penis health. Men who are under constant stress may find it more difficult to get an erection. Stress can cause erection problems including erectile dysfunction. If stress is the cause of your erectile dysfunction, the problem will likely go away after you remove the source of stress. Since stress can affect other areas of men’s health as well, learning to relax is essential for good overall health.

    Knowing this information about their penises may help men make better, informed decisions about their penis health. When considering penis health, men should also think about the topic in relation to their health in general and make healthy choices in diet, exercise, and avoiding stress.

    Masturbation issues

    While the act of masturbation will certainly not hurt you, doing so too roughly can cause penile rupture to occur. While most men masturbate for pleasure, this act can also cause problems. Masturbation may not be a topic that men feel comfortable discussing. However, if problems occur due to pain after masturbation, you should seek medical attention for the problem.

    Penis enlargement

    There are many men in the world who wish their penises were larger or longer. There are contraptions called "penis pumps" which may cause numbness, bruising or cuts in the skin. Overusing them, or using them too vigorously, can cause damage to the penis. If you are using a penis pump because you need assistance in getting an erection, consider using ED medication such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. You can order these medications from UK Meds, which is an pharmacy in UK in the UK. We offer overnight shipping of ED medication most nights of the week.

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