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    Share the Warmth this Winter with UK Meds - Hot Water Bottle Campaign

    UK Meds, a family-run Nottingham-based business, are looking to share the warmth this winter. For every hot water bottle that is purchased from UK Meds, we will be donating one to someone that needs it for free. All hot water bottle purchases will be matched, if you buy two, UK Meds will donate two to Clifton NG11 Foodbank and so on.

    How can someone benefit from a FREE hot water bottle?

    At UK Meds this winter, we are introducing our Share the Warmth campaign. Every time you purchase a hot water bottle from UK Meds, we will donate one to someone that needs it via the Clifton Nottingham NG11 Foodbank. Keeping warm is a right and not a privilege, however, that seems to have been forgotten in recent times. Due to increasing energy bills, more and more people all over the United Kingdom are worried about keeping warm as winter rolls in. By matching each purchase of a hot water bottle, you will be helping to keep someone warm this winter. Not only do you get your own water bottle to help you stay warm, but you will also be providing important relief to those who need it most. 

    UK Meds are always looking to help someone in need. The Soiza family, who own UK Meds, are well known in Nottinghamshire for their acts of generosity over the Christmas period after it was revealed that they were behind the ‘random acts of kindness’ envelopes that people would receive in and around the Clifton area. The family performed these random acts of kindness for five years and handed out over £16,000. These acts were anonymous, however, managing director of UK Meds Joe Soiza revealed himself in 2021, saying it had become harder to maintain anonymity. 

    As Santa is no longer secret, Mr Soiza and his son, fellow director Mason Soiza, are now looking to give back to the local community in different ways, and have this year decided to launch the ‘Share the Warmth this Winter’ campaign to help those who are most vulnerable to keep warm this winter.

    Joe Soiza has said, “No one should have to be worried about staying warm over the winter period. By matching all hot water bottle purchases we hope we can give the gift of warmth to those who truly need it most.” 

    Wendy White, manager of the Clifton NG11 Foodbank commented: "Thank you for thinking of us. Especially at this time of year when people are struggling even more with the cold weather kicking in. We are currently putting together our winter parcels and so hot water bottles will be a welcome addition."

    There are four different designs available for you to buy and they can be added to an order that contains prescription medication, or ordered on their own. All of the hot water bottles also come with a soft fleece outer lining, making them even more cosy to snuggle up to.

    Update as of 20/12/2022

    We are happy to announce that our first batch of hot water bottles were donated to the Clifton NG11 Foodbank on the 20th of December 2022. So far, we have donated 67 hot water bottles that will be included in the winter parcels handed out by the food bank. We plan to donate even more hot water bottles in the New Year. 

    Why are hot water bottles important?

    A hot water bottle is an important part of any home. When you are feeling chilly, you can reach for a hot water bottle without having to put the heating on. Because of how much energy bills have risen in the past few months, many people are concerned about actually putting their central heating on, simply because they can’t afford it. This has led to people looking for different ways that they can keep warm. Hot water bottles are one of the best, and most cost effective, ways you can keep yourself warm during cold weather. 

    Where can you buy a hot water bottle online?

    You can purchase hot water bottles online from UK Meds. The hot water bottles that we provide are of high quality and come with a comfortable, stylish fleece sleeve. That is not all, as we have mentioned, our Share the Warmth campaign will donate one hot water bottle to someone in need every time someone purchases one for themselves. We will match every single hot water bottle sale. If you buy one, we will donate one. If you buy 10, we will buy 10 and so on. Keep yourself, and someone in need, warm this winter with a hot water bottle from UK Meds.

    As seen on Nottinghamshire Live here.

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